Survey: Cebuanos call for more remote, flexible work arrangements

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HOW do you keep workers happy?

The Cebu Salary Report 2023, including findings from a recent survey participated by 4,500 Cebu-based respondents, shows that Cebuanos report higher levels of "work happiness and engagement" when remote work options are offered.

Remote work ranks #4 for increasing employee work happiness and

engagement. This number has gone up from last year’s #8 ranking, highlighting the growing trend of remote work in Cebu.

"Cebuanos are realizing the value of working from home to save time and money, as public transportation fares have gone up and commute times have increased compared to last year. " said Wesley Chiongbian, CEO of

IT and creative industries are among the fields most suitable for remote work due to the availability of digital technologies and the digital nature of the work involved.

Examples of IT professionals who can work remotely include software engineers and web developers.

Meanwhile, remote work in the marketing and creative industries is gaining popularity among digital marketers, graphic designers, writers, social media managers, and content creators, among others.

One major advantage of remote work is flexibility. Unlike traditional work arrangements, employees who work remotely can set their own schedules, allowing them to find work-life balance. Many remote employees also enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, whether at home, a coffee shop, or even abroad.

For employers, offering remote work options can also be beneficial as it can help them save on office rental and electricity costs.

In addition, it can attract top talents who value flexibility and work-life balance. This trend is especially true for

younger workers, who may prioritize work flexibility over other factors such as salary.

Another reason for remote work's rise is the increase in self-employment rates.

The job market study found that self-employed individuals in Cebu have increased from 2% to 5% this year. This increase indicates that more people are opting for freelance or contract work instead of traditional employment.

However, remote work does have its challenges.

Without proper communication and collaboration tools, remote teams can face difficulties maintaining productivity and working together effectively.

Employers offering remote work options need to ensure that their teams are equipped with the proper technology to facilitate communication and collaboration.

In addition, working from home can also lead to potential distractions and work-life balance issues. Employees need to establish routines and boundaries to ensure they are productive and efficient during working hours.

Despite these challenges, it is clear that the rise of remote work is a practice that is here to stay.

Remote work options and self-employment in Cebu is indicative of a broader shift in the way people make a living in the digital age, and it is an movement to keep an eye on.

Other major factors that increase workers' happiness and engagement are higher pay which ranked first, better work/life balance (2nd), improved health or retirement benefits (3rd), and more training or certifications (5th).

Mynimo, the leading online portal for Cebu jobs, is set to release its complete report in May 2023. The information above presents a snapshot of what Cebuanos can expect once it releases an in-depth analysis of the trends for employers and employees across Cebu's job landscape.

The full report is available for pre-order at (PR)


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