Lola Amour talks album, tour and special Cebu crowd

Lola Amour
Lola Amour

Lola Amour — a Filipino rock band known for its hits “Raining in Manila” and “Fallen” — held the second-leg of its album launch in Cebu City. The epic gig was held at Draft Punk, Mango Square, Cebu City on April 27, 2024, pumping up the crowd with its blend of rock, pop and funk.

Earlier that day, the band hosted a press conference at lyf, Cebu City, where the members discussed the lengthy process behind their debut self-titled album.

First album

Part of the joy in watching your favorite band evolve is witnessing their music evolve alongside them. Lola Amour could have stuck to the same tried-and-true formula of their hit songs, but their latest album wasn’t about playing it safe.

“This gave us an opportunity to explore other sounds. Not just sounds that our audiences are used to. This album we treated it like a playground, we experimented with it,” said the band.

It took five years to complete the nine-track album, during which the band delved into various genres including punk, rock, gospel influences, ballads and, as described by their keyboardist David, “lots” of alternative.

“It’s still familiar but it’s new. It’s the Lola Amour sound but it’s not the people that are used to,” said the band.

The band initially planned ten songs in 2019, with recording beginning during the pandemic. “Raining in Manila” was intended as the lead single, but its traction skyrocketed, kicking off the tour and temporarily halting their writing process. Nevertheless, the chart-topping hit earned its place on the album.

“We just kept writing songs. Some of them we started in 2019 and we look back at it in 2023, it’s not us anymore especially because of the line-up changes,” said the band.

The band revealed that from their original 2016 lineup, only Pio, Zoe and Angelo remain. With changes of line-up, they said the creative maturity of their album is something that makes their sound new as well. Their sound has transcended the sphere of college boys tinkering with love songs. Now, it’s anchored by a mature lyricism that binds their sound together with a newfound depth and resonance.

“Each song has its own particular set of inspiration and it has its own time period. It’s really a compilation of inspiration, it’s so diverse you can’t say one thing,” said David.

“Namimiss Ko Na” proved to be the band’s most challenging recording session, they disclosed. It required five takes before they nailed the final version. That disco groove was a tough nut to crack, but the band said they pulled it off in the end.

Cebu leg

Lola Amour has rocked multiple cities, but Cebu stands out as one of the rowdiest. David reminisced about the first time he witnessed the Cebuano crowd going absolutely wild at a show in Ayala two years ago.

Back during their shows, they recalled that the sound engineers had to push their microphones to the max, yet the music still felt softer in comparison to the uproar of their fans in Cebu.

“We have a lot of fans in Cebu. Everytime we come here, the venues are always full. We know that we shouldn’t focus on Metro Manila only. The only regret we have is not getting a bigger venue,” said the band.

The band confessed that the Cebu crowd is truly unique. If they could dedicate one song to Cebu, it would undoubtedly be “Saan Kakapit”. The visuals of the song also perfectly mirror the vibrant vibe of Cebu.

This time, the crowd opted for Draft Punk, feeling a sense of familiarity with the setup. Pio, the vocalist, particularly visits the location of each gigs and Draft Punk seem to embody what he wants for the band.

“The stage is not far away from the audience. We can feel their energy and it’s a bit more intimate,” said David.

Lola Amour wasted no time taking their debut album to Cebu right after its launch in Makati last April 13. The nearly two-hour show will be remembered as the pinnacle of OPM bands’ performances in Cebu. Even before they took the stage, the crowd was buzzing with excitement for the guest performances by homegrown talents Mandaue Nights and The Sundown.


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