Loop release new single, ‘Heroine and Solitude’

Loop release new single, ‘Heroine and Solitude’

THE indie rock gem from Iligan City, Loop, are back with a bang. Its latest single, “Heroine and Solitude” is set to captivate hearts once again.

The new song delves into themes of escape, isolation and addiction, painting a poignant portrait of a protagonist seeking solace in solitude and the numbing comfort of heroin. “‘Heroine and Solitude’ shows you what addiction looks like from the inside looking out or at least some form of it,” narrates vocalist and the song’s lyricist, Kim Trinidad. “When nothing else matters, how do you operate?” It’s a powerful exploration of inner turmoil and the struggle for connection in a world that feels increasingly disconnected.

But what makes this release truly special? According to Trinidad, it’s all about returning to their roots. “This is my favorite kind of songwriting with the band,” she explained. “It feels like Loop in year one, when we used to make songs for ourselves and no one else.”

Mich Pacalioga, Loop’s lead guitarist and producer for the track, sheds some light on the production process. “At this point in our band lives, we want to make music like how we want it,” he asserted.

Despite the physical distances separating them, Trinidad and Pacalioga, along with bandmates JP Portado on bass and JC Arkin on drums, collaborated seamlessly to bring this track to life. From the evocative lyrics to the atmospheric instrumentation, every element fell into place neatly, culminating in a haunting melody that lingers long after the final chord fades.

Loop’s attention to detail extends to the single’s cover art. The creation of the album cover was a collaborative effort, with Portado and Arkin contributing their artistic talents to bring the vision to life. A halftone masterpiece, bathed in hues of red and blue, with a seemingly ghostly figure in the center perfectly complements the evocative lyrics and haunting melodies of Heroine and Solitude.

Loop’s “Heroine and Solitude” is now available on all major digital platforms. / PR


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