MCWD unveils new logo, slogan

CEBU. This is the new MCWD logo.
CEBU. This is the new MCWD logo.Image from MCWD

WITH a renewed spirit to serve better, the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) unveiled on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, a new logo and a new slogan "to serve you well" in time of its upcoming 50th anniversary in November 2024.

MCWD had embarked on rebranding process for its golden anniversary, and one of the changes was adopting a shorten name of "Metro Cebu Water District" for marketing and publication purposes.

The rebranding of the new logo design was two years in the making. The water district will be celebrating its 50th anniversary on November 20, 2024.

On Tuesday, MCWD revealed five key elements in the design of its new logo: Faucet in a Family's home, White Flowing Curvature, Flowing Water, Water Droplet, and the Hands catching the Droplet.

MCWD chairman Jose Daluz III said on Tuesday that the changes in the logo and slogan symbolized the renewed spirit of its whole workforce to continue delivering clean and safe water to all its consumers.

He added that no money was spent on the making of the new logo, as he attributed the designing of the logo to employees of the water district who work together to make the new logo.

In a presentation on Tuesday, the faucet in a family's home symbolized the services that the MCWD provide on every household and community. This is also their call to action, as they encourage their consumers to "Drink from the Tap." The steam of the faucet represents their commitment and confidence with their safe, reliable, and high-quality drinking water to Metropolitan Cebu.

The White Flowing Curvatures represent the waves and flow of water from rivers, and seas that have been the MCWD's primary sources of waters. It also indicates the network of pipes and distribution system of the water district.

The Flowing Water speaks about the ongoing motion of the water district to innovate and adapt to the growing needs of the Metro Cebu community.

The Water Droplet stands for the essence of water as life-giving resources. The design also resembles a leaf where the water district stays committed in the preservation the environment and nature.

The hands that catch droplet portrayed the care and stewardship of the MCWD toward its resources and responsibilities.

The MCWD also adopted the shades of blue and white. Blue depicts trust and reliability as its role in supporting life and good health in the community.

White, on the other hand, exhibits the purity and clarity that signifies the water districts commitment to clean, drinkable water to its consumers. (EHP)


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