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SunStar Mendoza
SunStar Mendoza

San Miguel Beer has earned a rare luxury of abundant rest as it waits for its Finals opponent in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Philippine Cup.

This happily came about after the powerhouse Beermen achieved a not-so-surprising 4-0 sweep of the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters in the best-of-seven semifinals.

So palpably dull actually was their race-to-four duel and only the Game 4 spat between RoS coach Yeng Guiao and Beerman Terence Romeo provided some sparks that drew mixed reactions.

With ticks left and San Miguel seemed sure of the sweep, Romeo, left unguarded, took a three, the ball swishing the nets.

This irked Guiao. Short of confronting Romeo, he unleashed instead dagger looks at the SMB guard. Plus expletives?

To Guiao, Romeo’s shot showed disrespect to an already beaten RoS.

In effect, Guiao has mimicked similar reactions by Ginebra coach Tim Cone, who loves to hate baskets being shot by a player from a team that is just seconds away from sure victory.

This has been a long-debated issue: A player shooting a basket when his team’s victory has become a foregone conclusion.

Cone has, time and again, raised hell against this practice — to the chagrin of many fans.

But the bottom line: Is that legal? Yes, it is. No PBA rule disallows a player to shoot when there’s still time left in the game. End of debate.

Disrespect? Uh-oh. Always, shooting the ball is part of the game whenever the shot clock, game clock, allows it.

When is playing by the rules a sign of disrespect?

Actually, it is respect per se when one goes through the motions of the game. Why stop a player when he is there to entertain?

That said, let’s go to the NBA.

Will Boston replicate San Miguel’s 4-0 sweep of RoS when it faces Indiana today (Tuesday, May 28) in the Eastern Conference finals of the National Basketball Association?

With the way Boston bagged the 114-111 Game 3 win on Sunday — thanks to Jrue Holiday’s 5-point explosion and game-saving steal, all happening in the last 38.9 seconds — Indiana looks doomed on Tuesday; it will need a miracle to avoid the broom.

Meanwhile, will Ginebra proceed to repeat against Meralco tomorrow (Wednesday) for a 4-2 series victory and set another Sister Act Finals against SMB?

The will of the game’s gods be done.


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