Moises: Why some are more blessed than others

Darwin Moises.
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@BOY: You’re living a charmed life. It’s easy to suggest how people can have better lives when you’re positioned from a seat of privilege. Have you ever experienced going through hardships? I’ve been a working student since I was old enough to carry a heavy load. From selling fish, to carrying cargoes, to enduring the heat in a kitchen, to crying my eyes out because of hunger, frustration and pain. Been there, done that. In fact, I still go through them. I’ve been working my ass off for as long as I can remember. Why are some people so blessed while I have to live through the pain in my life every day?

DJ: Why don’t we catch up over coffee or lunch? Would you like some company? I hope you’re letting your squad and family support you through everything you’re facing.

Did I go through hardships? Not financially, but mentally and emotionally, yeah. I had to see a therapist to help me through. I’ve dealt with trash bosses, toxic workplaces, fake friends and even getting canceled by a church group. Plus, there was this crippling heartbreak that sent me to the damn depths of hell and back. Yes, my new friend, life can be lit but it’s also mad tough. We make mistakes, mess up and fall over. Goals constantly change and curveballs are thrown thick and fast. Work is never ending too and the more we learn, the more we realize there’s so much to learn. So yeah, life is a race. We have to run. Not to compete against anyone, though, but to progress from where we were yesterday. It’s easier when we stay focused on our own hustle instead of comparing it to someone else’s.

Besides, isn’t it wild to think about the journey you took just to be here? Swimming with millions, even billions, of sperm through the cervix, the uterus, then into the Fallopian tube. Dude, you’re the lucky one. You fertilized the egg! Congrats. Some actually fell through the cracks. If you know what I mean. What does this journey tell us? Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. If you’re feeling lost or unsure about where life’s at, you’re not alone. We all have our moments of doubt. But we keep pushing because that’s just how life rolls.

I also question why the goodies of life aren’t spread out equally. While motivational speakers talk about everyone having equal chances, I also see that not everyone has the same starting point. Some are born with a silver spoon, while others are straight-up struggling. And thousands of kids in places like Gaza get denied their dreams just because of where they were born. I don’t have the answers. What I know is emotional pain hits when reality is not matching our expectations. So, one can have a lot and still be in pain, while someone with little can be living a good life.

I know of mad wealthy people who question if others are into them for who they are or for their image. They’re actually super lonely. Others feel pressured to live up to fam expectations and keep a certain lifestyle, leading to stress and anxiety. We never really know what it took for someone to make it — the grind, the rejections, the sweat, the tears, the setbacks and the doubts. I don’t think anyone in the world is ever fully content with their lives. It’s a process. Always evolving. Our happiness or sorrow often hinges on how we handle what we think we lack or cannot attain. Yet, it’s also the continuous pursuit of something that provides us with direction.

I can sense you’re going through a lot right now. You’re one brave person to have come this far. Hope you are taking care of yourself too. Juggling all these things while keeping your balance is not easy.


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