‘More Pinoys make money through Web3 gaming’

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THERE is money in e-games, especially in Web3 gaming, founders of Yield Guild Games (YGG) Pilipinas said on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

YGG Pilipinas is a growing community of gamers, creators and traders supporting Web3 adoption in the Philippines.

On Saturday, YGG Pilipinas went to Cebu for a road trip as part of its mission to bring Web3 closer to Filipino communities. Cebu is the group’s third stop after Batangas City and Baguio cities. The Cebu-leg was joined by Web3 game developers from Singapore and Australia. Attendees were able to play fun and exciting new Web3 games including Parallel, Delabs Games’ Rumble Racing Star, Sipher Odyssey, My Pet Hooligan, Zeeverse, Everseed, Joyride and SuperChamps.

“We started YGG four years ago when we saw that gaming brings opportunities to people’s lives, especially here in the Philippines. We saw that, during the Covid-19 pandemic, with games like Axie Infinity,” said Gabby Dizon, YGG Pilipinas co-founder.

“Naalala niyo iyong sabi ng magulang niyo na wala kayong maabot sa gaming-gaming na’yan. Hindi na totoo ‘yan ngayon. Ngayon sasabihin na ng mga magulang niyo na ‘yang gaming-gaming na yan magkakaroon kayo ng opportunities. Ito ‘yong ginagawa natin sa YGG to empower and educate the community,” he added.

(Remember when your parents used to say that you wouldn’t achieve anything from gaming? That’s not true anymore. Now, parents will say that gaming can bring you opportunities. This is what we’re doing at YGG to empower and educate the community.)

Web3 gaming refers to the integration of blockchain technology into video games, creating a new paradigm where players can own, trade and monetize in-game assets.

“The YGG Pilipinas Roadtrip is one of the ways we can teach new, future-oriented skills to the young, tech-savvy people in our provinces. Anyone, regardless of who they are or where they live, can access Web3,” said Menchie Dizon, YGG country head for the Philippines.

“We are bringing this to the provinces because there are new games to introduce. The big goal is to provide as many economic opportunities to our communities,” said Menchie, adding that they want to get as many Filipinos onboard “to participate in this new technology.”

Play -to-earn

According to Menchie, play-to-earn gaming continues to gain momentum in the Philippines and the country stands to benefit from this as Filipinos are among the most virtually social in the world.

“If before we were laggards in terms of adoption, this time around, I think it is perfect for Filipinos (to participate). We are very social, connected and active. We are very engaged and in the Web3 space these are the values that are needed—participation, engagement, community building and social connection.”

Menchie said games are a starting point to attract Filipinos to explore Web3.

“It starts with games because that’s how people start to discover things. It is when it’s fun and playful. They get try to learn more, of course, there is earning potential but what brings the community together is that they are having fun, playing and learning stuff together,” she said.

Besides games, YGG is also looking at other opportunities to bring to the community.

One initiative is the Web3 Metaversity program, aimed at empowering and directing Web3 gaming enthusiasts. Through the program, students can learn various skills, from the basics of cryptocurrency to income-earning opportunities in Web3. It focuses on teaching the necessary skills, and ways to participate and provides courses on social media, discourse management, game testing and game research, among others.

“A lot of roles that we see as necessary in participating in the metaverse is what we teach them. Hopefully, they get to use these skills immediately after they learn them because there are opportunities for them to participate in the community as they play the games,” she said.


Besides going to places to raise awareness, YGG is open to collaborating with schools.

The group piloted its metaversity program with the Sisters of Mary School in Cebu, which also has a campus in Silang, Cavite. This initiative aims to help students upgrade their skills and ensure that what they learn in school remains relevant, even as artificial intelligence becomes more integrated into various industries.

“We are teaching them other skills, future-proofing these kids that when they go out they have these unique capabilities that they can use—discord management, social media community management, community moderating. It seems that these are not your typical work but these are the jobs that are being valued now in the digital community,” she said.

After Cebu, the group is slated to visit Davao and Bacolod cities in June and Pasay City in July. / KOC


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