Neri: Era of extra, but make it low key

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The older generations used to burn millenials at the stake with their “roasty” little comments about us but these Gen Z kiddos are definitely their own.

Being a younger millennial at the cusp of my 30s, life is very interesting living with my Gen Z little sisters. I enjoy hearing their perspectives on things and noticing the distinct characteristics that form their generation.

It’s the era of being “high-key” and having “rizz,” being the “main character” and “doing it all for the plot.” To me, their generation is endearingly OA (over-acting) and very extra, but it can be fun feeding off their energy and listening to them talk.

Their trends are kind of like a unique ode to the trends of the generations before them but a hodgepodge of different aesthetics based on what their personalities are. So, I asked a few Gen Z kiddos this: “What is your favorite Gen Z fashion trend?”

“My fave Gen Z trend is the return of ‘90s fashion. I try looking at the style of ‘90s icons like Cindy Crawford or Victoria Beckham. I just make sure what I wear is timeless but still suits my age.” -- Felize Montesclaros, 19

“I recently bought myself some (Adidas) Sambas knowing that it would be a good addition to my roster of shoes. It is such a timeless piece that even the older generation would recognize it right away. I’d normally style and pair it with baggy pants, a shirt and chain. May it be formal or casual events, my go to choice will always be the Sambas since it fits with every outfit perfectly.” -- Gabe Dimarucot, 23

“My favorite Gen Z trend is using cargo pants as the main theme because I am able to utilize different tops with it. I love how I am able to integrate long sleeves and polos that would look formal but, when complimented with cargo pants, becomes stylish.” -- Pete Cadeliña, 23

“One of my favorite fashion trends is wearing cropped tops and pairing them with high waisted pants. I’ll never get tired of wearing this combo. It is my go-to outfit! I usually go for cropped tops with a plain or minimal design, and pair it with high waisted pants or baggy jeans.” -- Camiela Sta. Ana, 22

“As an art student, my peers and I are into thrifting our clothes and customizing them to fit our aesthetics. We usually value individuality and authenticity in our outfits that show our interests or even an extension of our expertise in a designated artistic practice. My friends and I are big horror fans and the shirt I made reflects my love for Japanese horror and comic book art — specifically Junji Ito! A basic rule of thumb for me is to have a focal point or a standout piece and build an outfit from that. I treat my wardrobe as if I was a playable character in a video game that is about to get customized. Dressing up then becomes more of a game than a chore to me because I make sure to have fun first and consider if I’m happy with what I’m wearing instead of worrying about what peers think of me.” -- Sheene Niño, 23


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