Neri: Retail therapy

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Neri: Retail therapy

People have found different ways to cushion the consumer culture’s impact on the environment through magic action words like thrifting, recycling and upcycling. Though its effects are not easily quantified, the simple act of at least doing something to “close the loop” is commendable in itself.

Thrifting is not the only trending sub-culture in the vast world of retail. Big retail brands have taken it upon themselves to contribute to “closing the loop” in their own ways -- without sacrificing the nature of their business, of course. Another interesting campaign is putting “recycling boxes” in stores where customers can drop off old, unwanted garments and get a discount coupon in return. I had only thought this was done for clothes and fast-fashion, but had never imagined that kind of deal being offered for timepieces.

Trailblazing “closing the loop” in its own sphere, The Watch Store just launched its Trade-In Promo in Cebu. The promo offers an easy watch upgrade in just three steps — trade, receive and purchase. All one has to do is bring in an old watch listed under the store’s accepted brands, get the discount voucher and then purchase a brand new watch from the store. With this, old and new watch savants can get their hands on timepieces that can revamp their look for a much better deal.

If you are interested, the promo will be available at Tempus, Ayala Center Cebu, from June 27 to July 1, 2024.


In a whole other space in the retail world, Store Specialists opened its first Flying Tiger Copenhagen branch outside Metro Manila at none other than SM Seaside City Cebu.

Eye-catching, playful and quirky, Flying Tiger Copenhagen — in Gen Z terms — is a vibe. Like the colorful lovechild of Ikea and Miniso, it’s a pocket-sized maze of cute little knick-knacks that you may or may not need, but definitely will want. The best part is that it has many products that are more affordable than you would think. I was pleasantly surprised to see things being sold for as low as P30.

Personally, I would keep going back even if it were for the fact alone that they change their storefront every so often. That would be a nice way to see what new things they have in store. Do pop in for a visit -- even if it is just to walk through the store -- because imagine what the place has to offer if the brand lives by the motto: “Real value lies not in the products we own, but in the experiences we share.”


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