New year, old hams, fun ideas: Creative hacks for your festive leftovers

New year, old hams, fun ideas: Creative hacks for your festive leftovers

Christmas hams are some of the most wonderful things people can give and receive during the holidays. In fact, some of us may have received more than one — and we’re left with extra hams in the fridge. For individuals or small families, there might be some leftovers after the holidays.

In this article, we’ll explore some creative ways to enjoy leftover Christmas ham:

Preserve water, enhance flavor

Humorously suggesting, “Save Water, Drink Beer,” cooking leftover ham in craft beer can be a flavorful alternative. Combine chunks of carrot, onions and black peppercorns for a savory dish that brings a distinct taste to the table.

An apple twist

If there’s leftover apple juice in the pantry, seize the opportunity to use it in your culinary endeavors. Similar to the beer-infused method, cook the ham in apple juice, adding carrots, onions and black peppercorns. Bring it to a boil, creating a delightful twist to your ham leftovers.

A sweet kitchen delight

For that neglected liter of Coca Cola in the fridge, transform it into a glaze. Reduce the drink until it thickens and becomes a luscious glaze. Pour this over heated ham and serve it with freshly cooked white rice. This sweet and savory meal is sure to delight Filipinos with a sweet tooth.

Here’s another hack for the cost-conscious Cebuano: Christmas hams are usually offered on discount in groceries after the holidays! Since these usually last long in the fridge, you can stock up on ham while exploring different ways to enjoy it in the coming days.


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