Tell it to SunStar: Education amid pandemic

Tell it to SunStar: Education amid pandemic

The Department of Education (DepEd) has always aimed to give the best education to everyone.

Today, the DepEd is facing a challenge: the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the global health crisis, education must go on, and we teachers and the DepEd must not stop giving our learners the education they deserve.

Every day is a great day for students to learn things, and doing so will develop students to become wise adults in the future.

Is education still at its best amidst this pandemic? Well, the DepEd has fought the challenges to serve education the best way it can in spite of Covid-19.

The department is finding ways on how to move forward with its mission, vision and goal.

The DepEd has offered online classes and modular classes; trained teachers on different aspects that would meet the needs of imparting education; launched educational programs on social media such as E-tulay, DepEd TV and produced digitized lessons; and produced modules for learners who could not attend classes via the internet or those who have no gadgets.

Indeed, the DepEd is trying hard to continue fulfilling its duties for all learners.

Education is still at its best amidst this pandemic. Every learner is learning even amid pandemic. Teachers and parents have joined hand in hand in nurturing children’s minds. There were issues along the way, but these must not be the hindrance to getting a good education.

Teachers do their job the best they can so that learning is at its best no matter what is happening in the world today.


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