Tell it to SunStar: Why not address education problems with a ‘change’ mindset?

Tell it to SunStar: Why not address education problems with a ‘change’ mindset?

For our education to thrive, it isn’t always about the budget just to be able to start what should be done.

First, education leaders should think like a disruptor, with a change mindset that doesn’t cost anything.

Second, they should answer the question, “Why has education killed creativity?” Schools cast a mold that sometimes students don’t fit in. Acknowledging that problem also has no cost.

Third, they should realize that we’re no longer in the mechanical/industrial age but now in the age of information and creativity. To answer if we just want to produce workers in contrast to inventors, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and the endless possibilities on what our students can become requires no cost.

Arts, music, dance, and sports are as equally important as academics. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machines and automation are going to displace and kill a lot of jobs. Only jobs that require creativity will have better chances of surviving an AI onslaught. We need to teach students to search for information and use it accordingly.

That is why, aside from being able to Google, and knowing how to use social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, among others), we should develop in students the capacity for critical thinking, discernment, and higher-order thinking skills, which are hallmarks of the creative and imaginative mind. Today, we already have a sea of information on almost anything. A lot is readily available on social media, but how to search it and sift what’s accurate is what’s important to teach.

Furthermore, the metric system of education has created a pandemic of fear of failure that has resulted in student mediocrity. Students are now afraid to explore and create for fear of failure. Most students are struggling to pass as opposed to struggling hard to fight for their dreams, whatever that may be.

Something is inherently wrong with the way we conduct our education and schools, that is not responsive to what the world is now. Education is not just a phase of life that we go through, that we would just start owning our dreams after we graduate.

Education is supposed to be our tool for success in the way we define it. For the longest time, success means landing a good job by being a licensed professional. Now is the time to change that because success has many faces in today’s world.


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