Pavic in Cebu: Empowering parents with visually impaired children

Pavic in Cebu: Empowering parents with visually impaired children

Justine Inah S. Pacaña, Marites An C. Quimbo, CTU Interns / Writers

IN A heartwarming development for Cebu families, Parent Advocates for Visually Impaired Children (Pavic) Inc. has finally established a presence in the region.

This dedicated organization — a beacon of support for parents raising blind or sight-impaired children — brings its wealth of knowledge and unwavering commitment to empowering Cebu’s parents, fostering a brighter future for their children.

Founded in 1999, this organization empowers families with blind or sight-impaired children. They work to dispel the myth that blindness limits a child’s potential and offer support groups for parents. Through various initiatives, they aim to improve the quality of life for both parents and their children.

Grace Francisco Torres, Pavic area supervisor in the Visayas and parent of a visually impaired child, proposed a commendable project specifically for Cebu City to address the needs of parents with blind or sight-impaired children. Her decision to focus on Cebu, despite not speaking Cebuano, showcases her commitment to finding the most suitable location for the project’s impact. She believes blind or sight-impaired children have a lot more skills and capabilities to show if parents are fully supportive.

Pavic, in partnership with Perkins School for The Blind, brought families together for a weekend retreat at EVO Nature Camp in Gaas, Balamban, Cebu, held on March 9-10, 2024. The event unveiled a full program of engaging activities designed for both parents and their blind or sight-impaired children and offered programs highlighting subjects like Orientation and Mobility. This focused on the proper precautions every parent or guardian should take when guiding their blind or sight-impaired child in different situations and environments.

Another significant program of Pavic was the “Snack in the Dark” activity. This unique program blindfolds parents and has them eat a burger, allowing them to experience firsthand the challenges blind or sight-impaired children face during meals. This empathy-building exercise fosters a deeper understanding of the struggles children experience, promoting patience and support from parents.

The new initiative also offered a variety of adapted games designed to encourage physical activity and social interaction for children who are blind or sight-impaired, as well as their parents. Additionally, the program included tree planting activities designed to connect families with nature.

Pavic’s presence in Cebu will be instrumental in creating a supportive environment where these children can thrive. This development represents a significant step forward for Cebu’s blind or sight-impaired community and their families, providing much-needed support and paving the way for a more inclusive and empowered future.


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