‘Peach Fuzz’ year is for the Morena

‘Peach Fuzz’ year is for the Morena

It’s a peach fuzz year for 2024, and beauty gurus know peach is a buzzword for the Morena. A fun shade tailor-made to flaunt the enchanting golden embrace of beautiful brown skin. It’s practically the lovechild of a tropical sunset and a blooming orchard.

Pantone has spoken, and the Color of the Year 2024 is none other than Peach Fuzz 13-1023. It is a velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches heart, mind, and body. An appealing peach hue softly nestled between pink and orange.

Why does peachy perfection work wonders on Morena skin, one asks? Peachy tones complement Morena skin beautifully, enhancing its natural warmth and bestowing a sun-kissed radiance. But peach should not only be a color but a statement to be unapologetically proud of being brown.

Challenging the norms

The Philippines grapples with a persistent obsession with fair skin, rooted in years of colonial influence from the Spanish, Americans and Japanese. This historical conditioning has ingrained the belief that individuals with lighter complexions should be valued. Consequently, the prevalence of cheap whitening products persists, displaying practically every shelf in grocery stores to this day.

However, there’s a positive shift with more Filipina actresses embracing their medium to deep skin tones. Beauty blogger Joey Baldonado said Morena is among the complexion types of the Philippines but also encompasses Filipino features such as a short nose, plump lips, hooded eyes and dark hair.

Take actress Nadine Lustre, for instance. She doesn’t let comments about her dark skin tone slide. Once, when a user suggested she lighten her skin through whitening drips, she responded, “I’d like to keep my skin color, thank you very much.”

Young star Gabbi Garcia is another example. She considers her first Preview cover in 2017 titled “Golden” as a “breakthrough” moment in her career. In an interview, she expressed feeling accepted by the industry for being Morena.

Beauty trends

For the longest time, fair-skinned girls got the green light to rock any color and be told it’ll look fabulous. Now, Morena girls? Not so much. They hear stuff like “Bright colors? Nope,” “Blonde? Forget it” and “Pink lipstick? Not your vibe.”

Unfair, huh? Maybe that’s why some folks reach for those cheap whitening products. But good news, more and more people are flipping off those old beauty rules, embracing their natural glow. The real trick? Ditch the do’s and don’ts and just rock your beautiful, confident self. No more restrictions, find what makes you comfortable and just do you.

Amid those beauty rules, celebrities like Kathryn Bernardo flaunted some chic gold streaks in her hair, while Lovi Poe left fans mesmerized in her stylish pink swimwear. These celebrities now proudly represent numerous beauty products and lines, expanding their offerings to embrace a spectrum of shades catering to brown-skinned beauties.

There’s still a long way to break these unhealthy beauty trends and products, but this is a good start.

Peach as a statement

In the peach fuzz year of 2024, it’s the perfect year for the Morena community to be loud and proud. Make hues of peach not only a shade but a statement. It’s imperative to amplify the notion that being brown and proud is a celebration. It’s time for Morena girls to not only embrace their unique beauty but to flaunt it with pride and confidence.

When Filipinos empower the Morena community, it becomes an unstoppable force — a collective celebration where no one can dampen the vibrant parade of self-love and acceptance. It’s about turning up the volume on the narrative, letting the world hear and appreciate the diverse beauty that the Morena community brings to the forefront.


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