Philippines billboard announces 2023 top artists

ARTISTS. Billboard Philippines recently unveiled the much-anticipated Readers’ Top Filipino Releases of 2023. / Valerie Jayne Jamili
ARTISTS. Billboard Philippines recently unveiled the much-anticipated Readers’ Top Filipino Releases of 2023. / Valerie Jayne Jamili

The year 2023 has been nothing short of a musical extravaganza for Filipino music enthusiasts, and Billboard Philippines recently unveiled the much-anticipated Readers’ Top Filipino Releases of the year.

From infectious P-Pop anthems to heart-wrenching indie ballads, the readers’ choices reflect the diverse taste and global influence of Filipino music.

Let’s take a ride through the top songs, albums and music videos that made 2023 a sensational year for the Philippine music scene:

Best Song

“GENTO” by SB19

SB19, the torchbearers of P-pop, have left an indelible mark with “GENTO.” This dynamic single celebrates identity and artistry, earning its place on global music charts and even gracing K-pop groups’ TikTok pages.

“ERE” by juan karlos

Breaking records and hearts simultaneously, juan karlos’ “ERE” became the first Filipino song to break into Spotify’s Global Charts, securing the 67th spot. The track is a poignant journey through love and loss, capturing universal emotions.

“Karera” by BINI

BINI, known for its vibrant sounds, took a mellow turn with “Karera,” a follow-up to its bubblegum pink 2022 album, Feel Good. The single showcases the group’s versatility while maintaining the essence fans adore.

“Tsada Mahigugma”

by Maymay Entrata

Maymay Entrata brings joy and vibrancy with “Tsada Mahigugma,” a celebration of love in the Bisaya language. The song is a delightful addition to the singer-actress’s growing discography.

“Tingin” by Cup Of Joe

and Janine Teñoso

Cup of Joe and Janine Teñoso’s “Tingin” captivates with enchanting harmonies and electrifying instrumentals, securing a spot on both music charts and listeners’ hearts.

Best EP/Album


SB19 continues to push boundaries with its latest offering, PAGTATAG! This EP reflects the group’s five-year journey, showcasing its evolution across six tracks that promise a glimpse into what lies ahead.

Sad Songs and Bulls**t

Part 1 by juan karlos

A soul-baring exploration of heartbreak, juan karlos’ album takes listeners on a journey from grief to self-doubt to eventual healing. It’s an honest portrayal of the artist’s emotional rollercoaster.


FELIP, also known as Ken from SB19, debuts with a bold and hard-hitting record in “COMPLEX.” Venturing into new sonic realms, FELIP retains his unique identity, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1)

by Denise Julia

Denise Julia, the “Patron Saint of Situationships,” drops a highly anticipated mini-album. Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1) is not just a compilation of TikTok choruses but a collection of witty lyrics and catchy melodies.

Patutunghan by Cup Of Joe

Cup of Joe’s “Patutunghan” lives up to its name, evoking warmth and comfort across six tracks. The album explores the complexities of love and the search for one’s place in the world.

Best Music Video

“Raining In Manila”

by Lola Amour

Lola Amour’s “Raining In Manila” takes viewers on a cinematic journey set in a rain-soaked future. The eccentric story, directed by Marius Talampas, weaves a creative narrative around the viral pop hit.

“GENTO” by SB19

SB19’s “GENTO” not only conquered the airwaves but also dazzled with a music video filled with hidden gems. From dance breaks in caves to golden ducks in showers, the visuals match the song’s fun and grand nature.


FELIP maintains his mesmerizing music video streak with “ROCKSTA.” The flashy, monochrome visuals make a powerful statement, showcasing the rapper’s undeniable flair.


by Janine Berdin

Janine Berdin takes the lead in “SITWANSYONSHIP,” beautifully capturing the confusion and delusion of an undefined relationship. The music video prompts viewers to question Berdin’s actions while empathizing with her love-struck ways.

“Siya” by One Click Straight

Directed and animated by Mervin Malonzo, the music video for “Siya” by One Click Straight unfolds a vibrant story of love injecting color into a mundane world. The visuals celebrate the resilience of partners facing challenges hand-in-hand.

Billboard Philippines readers have spoken, and the top Filipino releases of 2023 are a testament to the rich musical landscape of the Philippines. From SB19’s global dominance to the soulful narratives of juan karlos and the captivating visuals from Lola Amour, this year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and creativity.

As we bid farewell to 2023, these musical gems will undoubtedly linger in our playlists, reminding us of a year filled with stellar Filipino talent and unforgettable melodies.

Here’s to the music that made our hearts sing in 2023!


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