Post-Barangay and SK elections: Walking the talk

Post-Barangay and SK elections: Walking the talk

The country recently concluded another election. It was quite overdue with the barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) leaders already on extended terms after the elections for their successors had been postponed numerous times. After all the campaign hoopla and promises of better service, the new leaders have been chosen and officially proclaimed.

Now, it’s time to walk the talk and get their hands busy in fulfilling their campaign promises. Today, SunStar Lifestyle asks its young readers what issues their newly elected barangay and SK leaders should prioritize:

“Flooding is the most common problem in almost every barangay including ours. During heavy rains, many residents are affected, like those who are commuting daily to work and school. This also causes a lot of diseases here like leptospirosis, cholera and typhoid fever. Our newly elected barangay leaders should make this a top priority when they get to work.

Russ Uriel San Mateo 24, architectural apprentice

“I believe they should work on security and safety. Recently, many households have experienced burglary. These burglars have poisoned some pets and even street dogs, knowing they will bark at intruders. I hope our newly elected barangay leaders can find a solution so we can feel safer.”

Moira Enoveso 21, psychology student

“The new barangay leaders, especially the Sangguniang Kabataan, should address many challenges. These include providing access to free printing services for students, who cannot afford to have their own printers at home. They should not just focus on organizing basketball tournaments only but also on other sports. They should have a comprehensive assessment of the most pressing issues affecting the well-being of every barangay citizen.”

Joshua Ray Credo 24, freelancer

“They should first look into the garbage disposal problem in our barangay. There were multiple times that waste would pile up in many areas and would go uncollected for days because of their inconsistent schedules. This would result in foul odors and unsanitary conditions which could compromise the health of the residents. They should maintain close coordination with the local officials and install alarm systems to notify people that the garbage trucks are approaching. It would also be helpful to provide garbage bins to encourage waste segregation.”

Stacey Ylagan 24, architectural apprentice

“There are a lot of problems to address in our barangay. One of these is the construction of illegal structures along the highway that would cause traffic and pose danger to pedestrians. Removal of these structures and making sure these areas are kept clear from such would be beneficial in improving the area. This would also help avoid accidents and congestion.”

Dominic Jehan Tan 24, landscape architect

“They, especially the SK leaders, should focus on the educational matters. They could start by giving school supplies or even provide free printing in the barangay. On weekends, they can conduct tutorials to those students who need them. In this generation, attaining quality education is crucial and they can help in equipping young people in achieving that.”

Mark Gel Magdadaro 21, architecture student


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