PrimaryHomes, Inc. Wins 4 Prestigious Awards at the Philippines Property Awards 2023

PrimaryHomes, Inc. Wins 4 Prestigious Awards at the Philippines Property Awards 2023
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PrimaryHomes, Inc. (PHI) celebrated a remarkable victory at the prestigious PropertyGuru Philippines

Property Awards 2023, held on September 22 at Shangri-La The Fort Manila. PHI clinched an impressive four awards, celebrating PHI's commitment to excellence in innovation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. PHI secured the "Best Sustainable Developer" and the "Special Recognition in Sustainable Design and Construction." Royal Oceancrest Mactan achieved the "Best Eco-friendly Condo Development." Royal Oceancrest Panglao 2 won the "Highly Commended Best Condo Development in the Visayas."


 Since its establishment in 2005, the PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards has been recognizing the best projects, designs, and innovations within the real estate industry throughout the years. Presented by the renowned global brand Kohler, the PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards is the most respected and sought-after real estate industry awards program. Backed by a rigorously managed and supervised judging process, the Philippines Property Awards sets the gold standard in the real estate industry.


 As part of the Primary Group of Builders (PGB), PHI places great emphasis on establishing and adhering to stringent building material standards. This commitment ensures the creation of enduring homes, offering protection, sustainability, and the ability to foster thriving communities for generations.

With a remarkable 70 years of experience and a reputation for delivering value-for-money and topquality products, it's no surprise that PHI rightfully earned the title of "Best Sustainable Developer."

 Through partnerships with PGB affiliates like AAA-rated Primary Structures Corporation (PSC), AAC Lightweight Block Corporation (ABC), and Concrete Solutions Inc. (CSI), PHI ensures quality and sustainability in Filipino homes. ABC offers eco-friendly LightStrong Blocks, and fire-resistant AAC blocks, reducing energy use and electricity bills by up to 40%. PSC focuses on construction and uses energy-efficient fixtures and PP water pipes for cost savings and leak prevention. Through these measures, PHI creates new generations of condominiums and house residences that emphasize sustainability and design that stand the test of time. PHI's commitment lies in constructing strong, resilient, and high-quality homes in thriving communities that redefine every aspect of design.

Aside from its focus on design and materials, PHI's success is fueled by its commitment to fostering communities and driving positive change within them. A notable long-standing initiative is PHI's 'Nurture.Nature.Future' tree planting program, which strategically plants trees near new projects and developments. PHI not only prioritizes sustainability in its endeavors but also wholeheartedly embraces social responsibility in real estate investment.

PHI's dedication to sustainability was further recognized with a "Special Recognition in Sustainable Design and Construction" award. This reaffirms that sustainability isn't just an aspiration but a fundamental principle guiding every project. PHI's commitment to quality materials and workmanship is evident in all its developments. Sustainability, to them, is about longevity, and building solid homes for generations. It also concerns employing technology and construction techniques to propel design that can withstand climate event crises. The use of LightStrong building blocks represents PHI's dedication to durable sustainability, ensuring developments stand the test of time.


Situated on the picturesque Mactan Island, Royal Oceancrest Mactan by PHI earned the distinction of "Best Eco-friendly Condo Development," besting two other contenders from prominent developers in this award. Outdoor amenities encouraged connection with the environment at Royal Oceancrest Mactan. From the skydeck to the garden pods, and bamboo tunnels, the design narrative celebrates the fresco lifestyle. Inside wide hallways, well-ventilated stairways connect environmental considerations with residential comfort, making it a true haven for eco-conscious residents and exemplifying how ecoconscious architecture can redefine modern living.


 PHI's Royal Oceancrest Panglao 2 received the "Highly Commended Best Condo Development Visayas" recognition, solidifying the developer's position as a premier choice for discerning homebuyers. Nestled on Panglao Island, this development seamlessly carries the legacy of eco-friendly luxury, offering residents a tranquil escape from urban life, and securing a haven for wellness and leisure. It provides residents with various resort-inspired amenities, including swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness gyms, children's playgrounds, and function halls. The property also boasts expansive open spaces, featuring a meditation garden, a koi pond, a sunken garden, and a scenic jogging trail. Additionally, the buildings themselves offer panoramic viewing decks and inviting garden pods. This exceptional project has not only garnered acclaim for its resort-like amenities but has also earned the "Best Investment Property in Bohol" award from the esteemed Dot Property Awards 2023.


The excellence of PrimaryHomes have also been recognized by the Philippine Property Awards in the previous years, as listed below:


Astele - Best Housing Development (Highly Commended)


Argao Royal Palms - Best Housing Development in Cebu (Winner)

Argao Royal Palms - Best Interior Design (Highly Commended)

Astele - Best Housing Development (Highly Commended)


Mabolo Garden Flats - Best Condominium Development (Highly Commended)

Solare - Best Housing Development (Cebu)

The Courtyards at Brookridge - Best Condominium Development (Highly Commended)

Royal Palms Dos - Best Housing Development (Winner)

 PrimaryHomes Inc.'s remarkable triumph at the PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards 2023 speaks volumes about its continuous commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence in real estate. It highlights PHI's commitment to creating spaces that meet the ever-changing needs of the community. With each award, they reaffirm PHI's vision, dedication to shaping a more sustainable future for Filipino homeowners, and continuous pursuit as trailblazers in reshaping the Philippines' real estate landscape. They are not merely building homes; they are constructing a sustainable and comfortable tomorrow.

 To learn more about PrimaryHomes and its award-winning projects, visit


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