Quibranza: Feast for the senses

Quibranza: Feast for the senses
CHEFS Lisa Revilla-Thien and David Thien

On June 1, Nustar Resort Cebu spared no effort in showcasing its prowess in hosting an unforgettable party.

The goal? To captivate the senses — quite literally. In the hustle of life, people often use words in ways they don’t mean. Yes, the word “literally.”

“I am literally going to explode,” exclaimed a foodie who had devoured one chicken wing too many. “I know! I’m literally ready to nap for a week.”


But during “Taste Cebu,” the kickoff event of the Cebu Food & Wine Festival 2024, this was not the case. Over a thousand guests flocked to the Grand Ballroom on the first day of the weekend extravaganza, welcomed by a showcase of culinary excellence.

The venue was divided into three distinct Tasting Zones — Wave Zone, Peak Zone, and Warmth Zone — each celebrating different facets of Cebuano culture and cuisine:

The Wave Zone was draped with blue paper mimicking waves on the ceiling, representing Cebu’s surrounding seas and offering the freshest seafood delicacies. The Peak Zone was adorned with a lush green canopy, evoking Cebu’s mountains and serving up some of the finest pork dishes in the country. The Warmth Zone embraced urban life with its ceiling adorned by large, translucent bubbles, where guests enjoyed a selection of wine, liquor, beer and desserts.

In total, the event featured around 40 restaurants, 20 hotels, 27 national chefs, and 10 mixologists. Leading the culinary charge were Nustar Resort’s executive chef Martin Rebolledo Jr., pastry chef Rolando Macatangay, sous chef Randel Mark Jugalbot and chef de cuisine Lloyd Rommell Cabalhin.

As a special highlight, culinary luminaries from outside Cebu — such as “The Godfather of Philippine Cuisine” chef Sau del Rosario, and Michelin Star restaurant chefs David Thien and Lisa Revilla-Thien — amazed guests with their culinary creations. Chef Sau transformed the beloved lechon into bite-sized delights wrapped in insulin leaves, while Chef David offered bowls of cold angel hair pasta with ikura and lato pickled radish in coconut vinegar. Chef Lisa delighted people with a nori-crusted hamachi salad in spiced soy-biasong dressing with cashew nuts.

Overall, the event was a spectacle. It truly was, quite literally, a feast for the senses.

Kudos to Nustar for hosting a spectacular evening. Cheers!


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