Quijano: 3 scenarios for Ngannou vs. Joshua


IS Franchis Ngannou (0-1) for real as a professional boxer? Apparently so, as he shocked the boxing world last year when he nearly upset the reigning best heavyweight on the planet in Tyson Fury.

Up next for him is Anthony Joshua (27-3, 24 KOs), formerly the best in the division and presently on a comeback trail. These two combatants are more equal in size and each possesses fight-ending one punch knockout power.

Here’s our three possible scenarios for today’s intriguing mega-bout.

FIRST. Joshua starts out strong, dominating the first few rounds with his thudding jab. Ngannou fights back but lands sparingly as Joshua avoids his punches by leaning backwards. Joshua’s output however, wanes in the middle rounds as he takes a breather It seemed like this was all that Ngannou needed, as he slowly crept back into the fight.

In the seventh round, he lands a big right hand which staggers Joshua. The latter stumbles back and Ngannou is on him like a scorned lover. Joshua attempts to clinch, but Ngannou with his MMA background, wisely sidesteps it and lands a looping left hand that lands on Joshua’s temple.

He goes down and gets up at the count of eight, however as the referee motions for him to come forward, he is slow to react and appears to sway backwards. The ref immediately calls for the denouement of the fight, drawing immediate reaction from Joshua. Ngannou wins via stoppage.

SECOND. In the first round, both fighters size each other up, seemingly wary of each other’s power. Ngannou takes the initiative in the second round and unloads a combination. Joshua responds and the war is on.

However, as the rounds progress, it becomes clear that Joshua the boxer, is landing sharper and more accurate punches. Ngannou is strong but his punches are more of the clubbing type that he telegraphs at times, which allows Joshua to parry and deflect.

Joshua continues to dominate in the middle rounds, landing jabs and moving backwards, cleverly avoiding Ngannou’s punches. The latter has his best round in the 10th as he lands a looping right hand that seems to wobble Joshua a bit. But he is unable to capitalize on that pivotal moment and Joshua coasts his way till the end and wins via unanimous decision.

THIRD. Ngannou starts out as the aggressor and catches the slow-starting Joshua with several eye-catching shots in the early rounds. Joshua starts to come alive in the thirfd and by the middle rounds, is landing jabs and straight right hands. Surprisingly, Ngannou seems a bit tired by the middle rounds and Joshua takes advantage.

He proceeds to dominate the fight, and by the 10th round, the referee steps in to halt the fight as Ngannou has faded badly and wants to protect the latter from more punishment.

LAST ROUNDS. Are on two dear friends, my “bestie” since we were in short khaki pants, Dr. Oliver Baclig and on Marit Stinus, one of my favorite columnists. Cheers!


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