Quijano: I’m all for it

Quijano: I’m all for it
SunStar Quijano

Indeed, in so many ways, I find it hard to believe how everything that’s happened to the Los Angeles Lakers wasn’t premeditated.

The Lakers’ hiring of JJ Redick as head coach despite the latter’s sparse credentials, just weeks after he and Lebron James started a basketball podcast and eventually drafted Lebron’s son Bronny in the second round, seems too coincidental.

The contrary is easier to believe. Knowing James’ propensity to control the narrative and adopt a sly passive-aggressive stance, it just seems too obvious that the plot all along was to hire Redick and draft Bronny, which I find nothing wrong actually. I don’t know why people make so much fuss about it.

If James had a hand in it, then it’s perfectly his prerogative as a dad and arguably one of the greatest players of all time. If he flexes his gravitas, I’m not moping about it. In fact, I’m all for it.

On the side of the management, you just knew that the Lakers had to do all they could to keep Lebron happy. Drafting his son all but ensured he would end his career as a Laker.

I also think Reddick is a good choice. I liked his game, and I think he is super intelligent and super competitive- two traits of extremely successful individuals.

I think his first-hand knowledge of the game will be impactful to the Lakers as they try to make the most of a line-up with an aging superstar, an often-injured second star, and several solid role players.

Bronny playing alongside his dad is also a must-see. The Lakers as a franchise has always been on the glitzy glamorous side with plenty of side drama. I am all for it. It’s popcorn time when the next season comes along.

LAST ROUNDS. Are on newlyweds Clay Space and Bianca Hubabib as they exchange vows at the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist at Boise, Idaho. Cheers!


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