Quijano: The rise of Takuma Inoue

Last Round

ALAS it was not meant to be for Jerwin Ancajas. A date with fistic immortality awaited him as a victory over Takuma Inoue would have catapulted him back into the limelight to cap off his comeback trail.

Instead, with his stoppage victory over Ancajas, Takuma stepped out of the shadow of his more illustrious brother Naoya and gave notice to the boxing world of his family’s illustrious boxing pedigree.

THE FIGHT. Jerwin started out well, finding a home for that left had early. Inoue also landed big right hands and it seemed like we were in for a an action-packed fight.

However, in the third, Takuma, who unlike his brother Naoya is not known for the power in his hands, seemed to hurt Ancajas with a couple of right hands.

In the fourth, Inoue opted to close the gap and both men fought up close with furious exchanges. This seemed to favor the Pinoy fighter as he landed a couple of right hands that snapped Inoue’s head back a couple of times. In the fifth round, Inoue changed tactics and opted to attack from the outside.

From that point on, while Ancajas was holding his own, Inoue’s superior speed and skill took over as he scored decisively. He also managed to keep his left foot outside of Ancajas’ right foot which gave him a positional advantage during exchanges.

In round seven, Inoue became more aggressive and waded on the inside, initiating the exchanges. Ancajas was right there with him but seemed to be fading.

Ancajas however seemed to find his second wind in the eighth round as he successfully attacked Inoue’s body and landed several telling blows.

Alas, Inoue would return the favor in the ninth as he landed a big right hand to the midsection that dropped Ancajas.

Clearly hurt and out of breath, Ancajas did not even attempt to stand up as the referee reached the count of 10.

PROGNOSIS. Takuma can definitely capitalize on this victory by opting to go for unification bouts with the other bantamweight belt-holders in the division like Jason Moloney and Emmanuel Rodriguez.

As for Ancajas, it’s back to the drawing board. He’s still 32 and can still realistically go for another run. However, it remains to be seen if he has the physical tools to defeat the elite fighters.

LAST ROUNDS. Are on Maricor Cervera and libeth Ares- Mowery who celebrate their birthdays this week. Cheers!


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