Quijano: Three scenarios for Fury vs Usyk

SunStar Quijano
SunStar Quijano

After all the posturing and jawing all these years, it’s finally on. Tyson Fury vs. Oleksander Usyk.

It doesn’t get any better than this. The two best heavyweights of this generation. Both undefeated and still in their primes.

To this Last Rounder, this matchup conjures similarities with Lennox Lewis vs. Evander Holyfield. Lewis, also a Brit- was bigger and relied a lot on his jab and powerful right hand. Like Usyk, Holyfield also came from the cruiserweight ranks and was the better all-around boxer.

I have Fury (34-0, 24KOs) winning this one on a decision. But let’s explore three possible scenarios.

FIRST. Fury controls the first few rounds behind his jab, keeping the shorter Usyk (21-0, 14KOs) at bay by occasionally popping the right hand.

But in the fourth, Usyk lands an uppercut that stuns the big man. He is clearly hurt and ties up Uysk to stifle his offense.

Usyk steps up the attack in the middle rounds, but by the seventh, Fury is back in control, maintaining the distance while lashing out with the jab. The pattern would be repeated till the championship rounds as Fury opts to minimize the risk and win the rounds safely. A lot of booing is heard, but the fight ends with Fury winning via close but unanimous decision.

SECOND. Usyk comes out firing, intent on bringing the fight to the loquacious Brit. He wins the early rounds on account of his aggression. Fury lands several jabs as Usyk tries to bully his way in, and by the middle rounds, Usyk is sporting a cut.

Fury tries to capitalize on his opponent’s infirmity by targeting it but is still dictating the pace of the fight. Fury has his best rounds in the eighth and ninth as he lands a couple of right hands, but in the championship rounds, he fades badly, seemingly running out of gas. Usyk lands several eye-catching combinations in the final round and this is enough to sway the judges who rule it in his favor via decision.

THIRD. The first few rounds are uneventful as both fighters size each other out. In the third, Fury catches Usyk coming in with a huge right hand and wobbles him. Usyk comes back in the fourth with a huge combination that rocks Fury. The action picks up and by the middle rounds, the crowd is on its feet sensing something big about to happen.

True enough as both men exchange in the 8th , Fury lands an overhand right that drops Usyk. He gets up but is clearly hurt. Fury follows it up with an uppercut that staggers Usyk. The ref steps in to call for the denouement of the fight.

A smattering of boos permeates the arena, seemingly directed at what was thought to be a premature stoppage. However, in the post-fight interview, Usyk admits he lost fair and square to the better fighter that night.

LAST ROUND. I’s on my favorite lawmaker, Congressman P.J. Garcia of the Third District of Cebu, who celebrates his birthday this week. Cheers pre!


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