Rama cries for justice amid suspension

Photo by Arkeen Larisma
PRESS CONFERENCE. From left: suspended City Administrator Collin Rosell, Acting Vice Mayor Donaldo Hontiveros, lawyer Estong Rama, suspended Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, lawyer Joselito Thomas Baena and lawyer Jerone Castillo in a press conference on Wednesday, June 12, 2024. / Photo by Arkeen Larisma

Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama cried for justice following his six-month suspension.

Rama on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, sought support from Barug Team Rama followers for his return to Cebu City Hall, saying the suspension he is now serving is an act of injustice.

He said they would do everything to fight for that freedom and justice.

“Kon di nako makuha ang hustisya nga klaro kaayo ang inhustisya nga akong nadawat, asa ni padung? Sa katawhan (If I don’t get justice, this is very clear an injustice, where will it go? To the people),” Rama said.

Rama said, as the elected city mayor, that “power comes from the people.”

“Ang nagpili nako, ang katawhan, ang magpabalik nako diha, ang katawhan (The ones who elected me are the people. The ones who will bring me back are the people),” Rama said.

Rama, along with the members of the Barug Team Rama, gathered at the Plaza Sugbo Grounds in celebration of the 126th Philippine Independence on Wednesday.

The event kicked off with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, which was presided over by Msgr. Roberto Alesna.

Acting Vice Mayor Donaldo Hontiveros delivered the opening remarks during the Barug Team Rama’s celebration of Philippine Independence.

Rama, in his speech, said, “Buhi pa ang tinuod nga mayor! (The real mayor is still alive!)”

He added that his lawyers will do everything for his return.

Meanwhile, in a press conference after the program, Rama, along with his lawyers, addressed issues surrounding his suspension.

Rama reiterated that he had nothing to do with the withholding of the salaries of the four regular employees from the City Assessor’s Office.

But he was mum when pressed if withholding salaries was justifiable, but said the four employees had already received their salaries and their bonuses.

He alleged that someone from the opposition would want to destroy him, however, he did not specify who or from what political party.

When asked who will be held accountable for the withholding of the salaries, Rama did not provide a direct answer, but let the suspended city administrator, Collin Rosell, answer.

Rosell said it was a tricky question, but answered it with a question: “Unsa man diay ilang gibuhat nganong naingon ana ilang kahimtang (What did they do to make their situation like that)?”

Lawyer Jerone Castillo also said that before the preventive suspension of the mayor, the salaries for the months of January to April were already paid.

“Unsa man gyud ang rason nganong suspensohon nga gibayran man diay? (What is the reason for the suspension when they got paid?),” Castillo said. / AML


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