Rama: I have been terribly destroyed

CEBU. Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama.
CEBU. Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama.File photo

CEBU City Mayor Michael Rama claimed political motives are behind efforts to destroy his image in Malacanang Palace.

Rama said he is “naive” and is committing “mental dishonesty” if he would say no that his preventive suspension is not politically motivated.

The mayor told reporters in a press conference on Thursday, May 9, 2024, following a “convergence meeting” he initiated that he is not a troublesome person, especially to women.

“Dili man ko palaaway nga tawo labi na jud og babaye, ako nana gikiha nya ako pa jud awayon? Ang ako lang gihangyo nga ang wheels of justice paspasi ninyo kay pwerting grabiha, it strikes like a lightning kanang gitawag og (suspension) dili man ko payroll maker oy ngano ako man?” Rama said.

“I am not a quarrelsome person, especially not with women. I have already filed charges, so why would I instigate further conflict? My only request is for the wheels of justice to turn swiftly because the impact of the suspension strikes like lightning. Why am I being targeted when I’m not even the payroll maker?” Rama said.

When questioned if he was referring to the governor, Rama suggested that the governor should be the one to answer.

Rama recounted his attempts to secure an appointment with the President, which were unsuccessful. He was informed that his reputation had been “terribly destroyed.”

“I was destroyed terribly, and I just don’t want to tell you how terrible the destruction,” Rama said.

The mayor said he asked for an appointment with the President, which is why he travelled to Manila on May 6 to 8.

However, the issuance of his preventive suspension has overtaken his efforts to meet the President. / AML


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