Rama: No alcohol, no street parties
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Rama: No alcohol, no street parties

CEBU City Mayor Michael Rama still has not given the green light to street parties during the Sinulog Grand Parade and Grand Ritual Showdown on Jan. 21, 2024.

Both activities will be held at the South Road Properties.

“Mag-street party ta pero way bino, way inum, pero ganahan diay ka mag street party ka nga tubig ra?” Rama said during the Sugboanon Channel’s segment “Ingna’ng Mayor” on Wednesday, Jan. 3.

(We will have street parties where liquor is prohibited, but who wants a street party where only water can be imbibed?)

The mayor’s initial position is that there won’t be any street parties.

“No display of liquor. Let’s enjoy Sinulog spiritually, socially, and have fun,” he said.

He said fun doesn’t have to involve the drinking of liquor.

Rama said anyone caught drinking liquor in public should be apprehended.

He reiterated his stance that the consumption of liquor and the organization of street parties should not be permitted.

In a text message on Wednesday, City Councilor Phillip Zafra, chairman of the committee on peace and order, admitted that the City cannot prevent the flow of alcoholic beverages because many will find ways to acquire them, pointing out that the city becomes one big party place on Sinulog day.

Zafra said that although they will exercise maximum tolerance, they will confiscate beverages if they catch someone selling without a permit to sell and dispense liquor.

He said the public needs to comply with the rules.

“As I understand it, the mayor does not intend to permit it outright,” Zafra said.

He said those who intend to sell liquor or organize street parties must permits, including submitting their security and public safety plans to the mayor’s office.

“This is necessary in order that there will be proper coordination between the event organizers and the authorities, especially on matters of deployment of security details,” he said.

During the time of former mayor Tomas Osmeña, street parties were prohibited.

In 2019, Osmeña released an executive order which prohibited the holding of concerts, shows, performances, gigs, events, street parties and other similar activities that required putting up or using loud speakers along the Sinulog parade and procession route.

But in 2020, the late mayor Edgardo Labella allowed the holding of street parties, as long as these were at least 100 meters away from the Sinulog route. (with JJL)

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