Residential power rates down by P0.10 for April-May billing

Residential power rates down by P0.10 for April-May billing
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RESIDENTIAL consumers of Visayan Electric will experience a P0.10 per kilowatt-hour decrease in their April to May billing. The rate reduction brings the total electricity rate from P11.38 per kilowatt-hour of the previous month to P11.28 per kilowatt-hour this month.

The decline in rates is caused by the decrease in generation and transmission charges imposed by power generators and the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

Households utilizing at least 200 kWh of electricity monthly can anticipate potential savings of up to P20.00 on their upcoming bill.

Despite the good news, the distribution utility, however, warns consumers to not be complacent of the slight reduction in the rates as the extreme heat currently being experienced may escalate electricity consumption.

“Even with the decrease in electricity rates, I urge our customers to prioritize energy conservation,” said Visayan Electric President and COO, Engr. Raul Lucero. “During times of extreme heat like what we're experiencing now, our energy consumption tends to spike which could also cause our bill to increase significantly,” he added.

Recently, Cebu and its nearby provinces have been experiencing heat indexes as high as 38°C. This often leaves people with no choice but to turn on their cooling appliances for longer periods. Also, with the recent low power reserve concerns declared by NGCP in the Visayas Grid, conserving electricity can really help prevent rotational brownouts should there be a power shortage.

With this, Visayan Electric recommends the following tips to conserve electricity and to avoid a ballooning electric bill:

1. Unplug appliances that are not being used. Keeping appliances plugged in even when not in use still uses power, albeit a small one. In times when energy saving is crucial, every watt counts so unplug those appliances when not in use.

2. Turn off lights that are not needed. During daytime, minimize or avoid the use of lights inside the house to save on electricity. Aside from increasing your power usage, these lights also generate heat which contributes to the already hot and humid weather. Open curtains or use light colored drapes to let natural light come inside rooms.

3. Check your air-conditioning unit. When using air-conditioners, make sure that you are using the right AC for the room size. An AC with a low horsepower (hp) in a big room, will have to work double time to make the room cool; Set the thermostat to an ideal level. The lesser the difference between the outdoor temperature from the indoor temperature, the lower the energy consumed by the AC. It is also best to use your AC’s timer.

4. Use your electric fans wisely. When using electric fans, make sure that the appliance is properly maintained and cleaned. Place the electric fan near a door or window for proper air circulation and to improve the fan’s cooling effect. Lock the oscillator when the fan is needed in one direction only. This way, air is blown directly to where it is needed.

5. Use your refrigerator correctly. Place your refrigerator in the coolest side of the room. The best location is usually in the northern part of the area, away from the morning and afternoon sun. Regularly defrost your refrigerator. Frost acts as an insulating blanket, causing the motor to work overtime. Remove store wrappings from foods before putting them in the refrigerator. Paper and similar materials can act as insulators.

In times like these when electricity demand is very high, Visayan Electric urges its customers to do their part in helping conserve energy even in their own little ways. (PR)


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