Limpag: Mandaue City Sports Complex

I WAS surprised to learn that one of the casualties of the political climate in Mandaue City was the planned Sports Complex of former mayor Jonas Cortes.

Mandaue is Cebu’s favorite city to avoid due to traffic being quite toxic these days and I’m not going to touch that. I’m not also taking sides in the issue of the stadium or on whether the current one is really to blame for the failure of the project to push through.

For the record, I learned of the development from Jamaal James Calipayan, who is with Jonas Cortes and was a college buddy. But no, I’m not taking any sides.

What I am hoping though is that whoever wins this May will pursue such project because it’s going to change the sports landscape of Mandaue. I mean, if you have residents going all the way to the Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC) to jog or exercise, that shows you that you do need one.

Besides, in close to two decades in the media, Mandaue is never considered as host of any major meet because it lacks the facility and a sports center can change that.

I mean, look at the CCSC, my favorite example of a government facility that more than serves its purpose. It’s not only a venue for sports but for health-related exercises as well. On any given afternoon there are joggers, zumba enthusiasts, volleyball players, footballers, track and field athletes, martial artists, boxers, sepak takraw players, badminton players and dancers doing their thing. Heck, at one time I saw a bunch of light saber enthusiasts.

A similar facility could do the same for Mandaue, provide a venue for residents to sweat it out.

Though the CCSC was constructed at the time of Mayor Tomas Osmeña, nobody really thinks of the mayor when one uses it. So, if there are worries about who gets credit for it, it’s not important.

The planned sports complex also had a football pitch on it and had that pushed through that would have been a welcome development. Heck, we could have had domestic leagues here. Global Cebu went as far as the City of Naga to look for an LGU to partner with. Had they known there would have been one near the airport, they would have salivated at the idea.

Anyway, I hope the sports complex pushes through. Mandaue needs it. And since it’s going to have a pitch, I hope too the designers will check the Fifa standards so we can have an Azkals game in Mandaue a few years from now.


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