Quijano: NBA brawls and the Roadhouse

Quijano: NBA brawls and the Roadhouse

You guys know I write about boxing and basketball, two sports that are close to my heart. I alternate between them seamlessly, with my precious column space dedicated to what merits prime attention.

And sometimes, I get to write about both at the same time.

BRAWL. Yesterday, NBA Players Austin Rivers and Mo Bamba got into it near the Orlando Magic bench. It resulted in a wild melee as teammates joined in, with Suggs grabbing Rivers by the neck, resulting in several ejections and looming suspensions.

Interviewed on what transpired, Rivers shared that he heard a few unsavory comments from the Magic bench after a shot he made and on the next possession, a confrontation occurred, and bedlam ensued.

Much as I love fighting, this is not the kind that I relish writing about. Yes, in the heat of competition, tempers flare and players can lose their cool, but because the NBA is basketball’s biggest stage, it behooves these players to comport themselves in a more professionally appropriate manner and not act like thugs.

ROADHOUSE. Those who grew up in the ‘80s and who are partial to action moves will never forget the movie, Roadhouse. Starring the late Patrick Swayze, the movie portrayed the travails of being a bar bouncer and Swayze looked amazing in those fight scenes.

A remake is in the works with Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead character and the reason why this is making space in my column is because none other than the “Notorious One” is cast as one of the original characters in the movie.

Though it was not revealed who, my money is on Conor McGregor playing the role of Jimmy Reno, one of the main protagonist’s henchmen whose one-on-one fight with Swayze was one of the film’s highlights.

McGregor would be perfect for this bad guy iteration and I just can’t wait for this film’s release.

VERBATIM. That little leprechaun Conor McGregor, he gives Ireland a bad name.

I know he’s fit, and I admire him for that. But I can’t take it. -- Liam Neeson (www. Variety.com)

LAST ROUND. It’s on me guys as I turn 50. This Golden Boy will buy you a round or two tomorrow if you somehow make it to Subzilog at Il Corso South today.



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