Quijano: Play stupid games win stupid prizes

Step right up. We have two contenders vying for the price in this not-so-prestigious contest.

Ahead of the Floyd Mayweather Jr-Logan Paul spectacle penciled for June 6 in Miami, the two protagonists were supposed to meet up in a presser to hype the event.

Predictably, moronic contests of this sort often generate side circuses owing to the questionable character of the personalities involved.

We were not disappointed.

GOTCHA HAT. In the press conference to hype this farce, Mayweather met up with Jake Paul, Logan’s younger brother, and they started jawing at each other.

Ever the provocateur , Jake snatched the hat Mayweather was wearing and immediately took off while shouting, “Gotcha hat.”

Bedlam ensued as Mayweather went after Jake. From all the videos taken of the melee that occurred, it looked like Floyd was able to grab Jake and throw a punch since Jake was seen sporting a shiner immediately thereafter but it didn’t look like it landed clean as there were too many people involved.

Some appeared to be holding back Floyd and trying to break up the scuffle while some were trying to grab a hold of Jake. The last scene based on the available clips was of Jake being shuttered off into a side exit for him to avoid being lynched.

For his part, Floyd could be seen fuming mad, his nostrils flaring, repeatedly cussing and shouting something about him being disrespected.

THE WINNER. Of course, the winner is Jake Paul who is not even Floyd’s scheduled opponent. Though he got roughed up and got the living crap almost beat out of him, he was able to parlay that incident into a business enterprise.

Just a day after, he was already selling hats on his social media account with words “Gotcha Hat” emblazoned on the front.

I hear it is selling like hotcakes.

THE LOSER. Sorry, I can’t even feel bad for Floyd who is our big-time loser. Sure he might laugh his way to the bank after the fight, but his reputation and claim as one of the greatest fighters of his era continue to take a hit.

Images of him losing his cool, threatening to kill Jake Paul and mouthing off profanities will forever be etched on our memories and immortalized on social media.

What the hell was he doing facing off against a YouTuber, a known popinjay and a social media personality who doesn’t mind acting like a doofus just to attract attention?

That he was livid about the seeming lack of respect is just simply hilarious. Did he think this fight was going to earn him any?

Keep those memes coming boys.

He’ll probably take it out on Logan Paul and actually punish him and there will be many people who would actually love to see that. But as for me, YouTube videos of lions taking down kudus seem to be more satisfying. At least the kudu is giving up his life so that another of mother nature’s creatures might live.

As for Floyd, this is what happens when you play stupid games -- you win stupid prizes.

VERBATIM. “Absurd moment, hilarious. I didn’t think he was gonna get that mad over a hat”—Jake Paul (www.MMAFighting.com)

LAST ROUND. It’s on my kumpare Nestor Virtudazo of Dapa, Surigao del Norte who recently celebrated his birthday. Cheers !


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