Students, teachers, staff pledge to foster safe school environment

COMMITMENT. A student at iAcademy Cebu signs the Pledge of Commitment to creating a safe and inclusive learning atmosphere.
COMMITMENT. A student at iAcademy Cebu signs the Pledge of Commitment to creating a safe and inclusive learning atmosphere. IACADEMY CEBU Facebook page

TO RAISE awareness of Republic Act (RA) 11313, known as the Safe Streets and Public Spaces Act, a school in Cebu organized the “Safe Space” event, an initiative stressing the school’s commitment to fostering an environment free from all forms of gender-based sexual harassment (GBSH).

Students, faculty and staff of iAcademy Cebu in BarangayApas, Cebu City, signed a pledge of commitment, symbolizing their collective dedication to creating a safe and inclusive learning atmosphere. The school said it initiated this event to reinforce the values of respect, dignity, and inclusivity within its community.

“Our commitment to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment is unwavering. The Safe Space event is not just a one-time initiative; it marks the beginning of a continuous effort to ensure that every individual within our community feels respected and protected,” said Rigan Ap-apid, campus officer in charge and vice president for operations at iAcademy Cebu.

The Safe Spaces Act covers all forms of GBSH committed in public spaces, educational or training institutions, workplaces, as well as online spaces.

Besides signing a pledge of commitment, an awareness campaign was also conducted to educate the iAcademy Cebu community about the importance of creating and maintaining a safe space.

Informational materials, workshops, and discussions were organized to foster a deeper understanding of the issues related to GBSH and the role each individual plays in prevention.

The event also served as a platform for open dialogues and discussions on fostering a culture of respect and empathy. Students, faculty, and staff participated in conversations aimed at building a more inclusive community.

iAcademy Cebu is the first regional campus of Makati-based iAcademy that opened in January 2023 in Cebu IT Park. The school offers courses like software engineering, game development, real estate management, animation, and multimedia arts and design.

RA 1131

According to RA 1131, which was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte in April 2019, actions or deeds considered gender-based street and public spaces sexual harassment are committed through unwanted and uninvited sexual actions or remarks against any person, regardless of the motive.

These acts include catcalling, wolf-whistling, unwanted invitations, misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, and sexist slurs, persistent uninvited comments or gestures on a person’s appearance; relentless requests for personal details, statements of sexual comments and suggestions; public masturbation or flashing of private parts, groping, or any unwanted advances.

It also included gender-based online sexual harassment such as acts that use information and communications technology in terrorizing and intimidating victims through physical, psychological, and emotional threats, unwanted misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, and sexist remarks and comments online.


Individuals found guilty of violating RA 1131 will be fined P1,000 to P100,000, and may also be imprisoned for one month.

Online sexual harassment, cyberstalking, invasion of privacy, and harassment in educational institutions are banned. Those found guilty of these acts will be fined P100,000 to P500,000.


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