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When I was 18, I wrote a poem about the sunset. I never had it published. Here I am now, looking at this poem decades later. I have decided to share it because it has aged well and has a tiny note to the sunset that is timely.

The whole third week of July is devoted to National Capture the Sunset Week. Without further ado, here is my poem “Sunset Pop” which I left untouched.

I’d like to have me / A bottle of sunset / So when a tough day / Never seems to end / I can open me up / A Sunset Pop / And hope / A new day will come.

Back to Earth. Why does it take a week to capture the sunset? Clouds. There are cloudy days that curtain off sunsets.

Why are sunsets that important? I am sure you have deep ideas. Here’s what I think.

Sunsets mark the end of the day, a glorious shift of colors to prepare us to rest and dream. The evening fire in the sky slowly dwindles into embers, then darkness. It is time to roost in your nest, tighten relationships and gather worthwhile memories of home.

Sunsets bridge us to the light of day and the dark of night. It is the sliver of hope that moves us to go on because it promises there will be another day.

Sunsets are God’s abstract paintings, with their riot of colors shifting under the direction of his finger. You can imagine hearing the sky in concert with Nature as Sir Simon Rattle triumphantly conducts Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring,” an extremely difficult music ahead of its time.

How do you celebrate Sunset Week?

In this digital age, recording the sunset is a click away from your PowerShot G7 or as plain as your cell phone camera.

Paint the sunset. Do not despair if your work looks crude. You are doing it for the experience or the catharsis it provides. You are maybe recapturing the artist in you. As Spanish painter Pablo Picasso said: “Every child is an artist.” The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Finally, go out with the one you love. Walk under the influence of Sunset Pop. The sunset is your rite to a fresh start.


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