Sulaiman retracts statement, clears Jumawan of fraud charge

Sulaiman retracts statement, clears Jumawan of fraud charge

CONTRARY to earlier allegations of fraud and collusion leveled against a businessman, the initial complainant sought to set the record straight.

Osman Sulaiman said in an interview with SunStar Cebu on March 12, 2024 that Rainier Jumawan, whom he earlier accused of defrauding him and his partner, is sincere in resolving the issue and has made a commitment to pay the balance that was owed to him.

“I believe that Jumawan is genuinely trying to resolve the matter with me,” he said.

Jumawan and his brother, Reeve, were accused of duping Sulaiman and his partner, Marie Mercado, to allegedly fund a lavish lifestyle.

But Sulaiman clarified Tuesday, March 12, that Jumawan contacted him after the latter was told that the couple is pursuing a legal action against the brothers.

After an arranged meeting with Jumawan, Sulaiman said that they have both come to an agreement on how the issue will be resolved.

“I think the matter has been resolved, he has already made commitment to pay the balance of the money,” said Sulaiman.

He said he was paid P500,000 on March 5, 2024 and that the remaining balance will be paid within this year.

Sulaiman said in an interview on February 28 that he and Mercado extended a P7 million loan to the Jumawan brothers, and they were paid P3 million only. He said the brothers gave them two checks, each worth P2 million for a total of P4 million, to pay the remaining balance but it bounced due to a closed business account.

On March 12, Sulaiman said he was in a rush trying to have their complaint reported, and was under the wrong assumption that he will be given a draft of the article SunStar published before its release.

“I was hasty and should have clarified with Rain whether he is willing to negotiate,” said Sulaiman.

He added that he retracted his previous statement to inform the public that after their last meeting, Jumawan is sincere in resolving the issue.

Sulaiman added that he withdrew the case he was planning to file against Jumawan.

“I believe whatever impression I had prior, thinking that he is trying to defraud me, it was under a false impression that he’s living in luxury. So I now know his position better and is sincere in resolving this with me,” said Sulaiman. (RJM)


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