Tell it to SunStar: Cha-cha is all politics: Valentine boogie

Tell it to SunStar.
Tell it to SunStar.SunStar file photo

By Reni M. Valenzuela

The Senate is lampooned as being an “obstructionist” by the proponents of the charter changer (Cha-cha) in the House of Representatives. But what’s wrong with being an obstructionist if what is being obstructed is not right? Isn’t this the essence of democracy? Balance of power.

“... they have consistently been obstructionist when it came to Charter reform in the past three decades -- for a total of 12 Congresses or for 34 to 35 years -- from the eighth Congress to the present 19th Congress,” said a staunch protagonist of the move to politicize our Constitution, Rep. Rufus Rodriguez. The problem or the proof is in the pudding (or heart), sir, not in the Constitution or the Senate’s “obstructionist attitude.”

If what the congressmen want is for the Senate to always blend with them on legislative matters that they (together with the President) deem vastly important and urgent, then that is not democracy, but deleterious, treacherous politics in the guise of democracy. Political conspiracy. National hara-kiri. They may have the “facts,” but prudence and probity are what they need.

Given the condition of our country and political leaders (especially), it is crystal clear that there is no need to amend the Constitution for various reasons (valid, coherent and compelling) already proffered and presented almost exhaustedly by the antagonists inside and outside the government (yours truly included). But what impasse did the Senate President refer to when he expressed recently his openness/willingness to settle the “issue” with the House Speaker? Nosey.

Any argument in this regard beyond the bounds of reason, legal framework, and selfless public service is mere politics or dirty politics. As a matter of fact, Cha-cha is all politics and just all about politics if we would look at it from the standpoint of a normal person -- a great waste of time, energy and resources. And the picture gets even clearer and clearer as time passes by, notably in view of the doggedness, desperateness and madness of the protagonists.

But watch out for the noise, bizarreness, toxicity, hypocrisy and drama of some politicians (past and present) who are against the “PI” (people’s initiative) tune and Cha-cha dance (only at this time). They are equally guilty of wicked “politicking,” with their respective selfish, hellish, personal agenda and political ambitions for some of them at the forefront (cloaked and hidden) of their “obstructive” stance and solid opposition to Cha-cha -- concerned purely and solely about their political future and vested-interests. Obvious. Oblivious. Ridiculous.

Pinaglalaruan lamang po nilang lahat ang madala, isang kakapalan ng mukha ng pangaabuso sa bayan. They are all just playing “political baccarat” and making fools of the ever gullible, simple and unsuspecting Filipino people.

Who should you “buy” or vote for, dear countrymen, between these two kinds of politicians in future elections? Not one of them.

Meanwhile, with all our skepticism and misgivings about BBM, and for all his flaws, warts and all, he, as our President, deserves the support of all Filipinos and the full support of the military and police. BBM is imperfect in many ways (like in Cha-cha, Maharlika, importation, modernization, insurgency and International Criminal Court issues), but he is better than the past successive nine presidents, more so the previous one, as he is showing some signs (in character) to that effect at this early stage of his administration.

But President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has to steer clear from the ways, style and shadows of his beloved deposed father. That past is an ugly past. Besides, times are so different now. Forget about “Bagong Lipunan” and work hard on “Bagong Pilipino.” Move on.

Just laugh off the idea, dear government, and be entertained by the silly “secession” call, and every other similar childish, whacky, empty threat that we have lately heard and may hear in the future from a few misguided elements or lost sheep. Never mind the “UniTeam” and “New Philippines.” It’s just politics. But mind our unity as a people and nation, with all Filipinos and all sectors in the sheepfold.

“Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve.” -- 1 Peter 5:2

Oh, to Cha-cha dancers, why not do a boogie instead? Reform yourselves, not the Constitution.


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