Tell it to SunStar: Congrats, VP Sara

Tell it to SunStar.
Tell it to SunStar.SunStar file photo

By Akbayan Party president Rafaela David

Vice President Sara Duterte finds herself embroiled in controversy once again for her bold defense of alleged sex predator and human trafficker Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. Despite facing serious accusations and being wanted by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investgiation) for heinous crimes, Quiboloy has found an ally in the Vice President, who dismisses ongoing investigations as mere “trial by publicity.”

Congrats, VP Sara for standing up for the rights of alleged sex offenders and traffickers, no less, during international women’s month. Totally expected though. Thank you for this pathetic defense. Quiboloy looks more guilty than ever now. Who knew defending alleged abusers of women and children could be so fashionable in the Office of the Vice President?”

It takes a special kind of perverseness to defend someone wanted by the Senate and the FBI for sex trafficking of children. Perhaps Vice President Duterte should consider a career in twisted stand-up comedy because her defense of Quiboloy is certainly a dark, cruel joke.

It is tragic and disappointing on so many levels to see a sitting Vice President, and a woman no less, publicly defend a man who has been responsible for the most despicable acts of violence against people who placed their trust in him. Instead of supporting the Senate’s efforts to strengthen legislation, she plays safe, avoids the issue, and weakens our democracy as a result. At the very least, we now know that when women and victims of violence need a defender, they can expect nothing from Vice President Duterte.

We urged Duterte to advise Quiboloy to stop behaving like a guilty criminal, face his accusers, and attend the Senate probe into his alleged crimes. Maybe the Vice President can make good use of her lawyer skills by advising her BFF. Instead of resorting to hiding, facing the accusations head-on would be the best course of action for Quiboloy.


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