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SunStar Tell it

By Peter Traenkner

Is there anything about divorce -- a bill for legalizing which will soon be taken up in the Senate -- that hasn’t already been said?

Perhaps we should talk about options. Options are always good, because different options offer us the opportunity to come to a good decision. In order to come to a good decision, one should never listen to a single source of information, but should always reflect on different sources. The great philosopher of enlightenment, Immanuel Kant, expressed it best: “Sapere aude -- Have the courage to use your own mind.”

The Vatican opposes divorce, doesn’t it? But there are 195 counties in the world and only two, the Vatican and the Philippines, oppose divorce. Could it be that 193 countries are wrong but two are right? Priests don’t get married. What do they know about marriage?

Its invocations of “divine law” in matters relating to homosexuality, contraception and divorce sound almost medieval in a world that has largely moved in the opposite direction.

People in this country are secular citizens and shouldn’t be subject to any religion’s doctrines when it comes to personal decisions. It is the right of everybody to practice their own religion — for as long as they don’t insist that theirs is the only right way forward.

And if you want to stay married in mutual and lifelong misery because you believe it is the right thing to do, fine but don’t expect others to do the same. Happiness is hard enough to find in this dystopic world we live in; let’s not make it harder for others looking for another chance at love and peace.

Divorce should be an option to every individual’s intelligence, conscience and emotional honesty.

People make mistakes, which can’t be corrected by prolonging them; we learn, we do better and we live on.


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