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Tell it to SunStar: Embodying Filipino resilience

By George Evan B. Cuadrillero

Gyud,” a Visayan expression meaning “indeed,” captures an affirmation that resonates deeply within the Filipino spirit. Amid the current unrest in the Philippines, from political turbulence to soaring commodity prices, and the cacophony of news about malnutrition and celebrity scandals, Filipinos exhibit a remarkable nonchalance. It’s as if the troubling news passes through one ear and out the other.

Historically, the Philippines has endured tumultuous periods throughout the 20th century, from World War II to the People Power Revolution. Now, as we navigate the 21st century, the country continues to face dynamic challenges. Yet, Filipinos persist. Despite the hardships, we persevere. We may cry, but we wipe away our tears. We may say we want to give up, but our hearts keep pushing us forward.

I recall a conversation with a construction worker on Quirino Highway that epitomized this resilience. He confided, “If I die today, who will bury me? I might be a burden to my family. I want to give up, but I need to survive.” His words reflect a common sentiment among Filipinos: the drive to persevere for the sake of our families. In a culture deeply rooted in family values, our loved ones provide the security and inspiration we need to keep going.

So, what does “gyud” mean beyond its literal translation? It embodies the Filipino spirit of fighting through adversity and understanding that life’s challenges are transient. It’s an affirmation that we live with purpose and a love for survival. Our culture, distinct and unique, binds us together. “Gyud” is not just a Visayan term; it is a Filipino realization that we are united not just by faith but by blood. We are a family striving for a better future.

This unity and resilience are the essence of what it means to be Filipino. We are a people who endure and thrive amid adversity, finding strength in our family ties. As my Nanay often says, “Mao gyud!” -- Indeed, this is who we are.

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