Tell it to SunStar: ‘Exorbitant’ parking fee

Tell it to SunStar.
Tell it to SunStar.SunStar file photo

By John Paul P. Briones

Last Friday, Jan. 12, 2024, I parked in Mango Square where there is a three-story parking building. They charged me P85 for eight hours of parking. We had an event on the third floor of Mango Square and being one of the organizers I assumed I could park for free.

But the parking lot, which is managed by a different entity, would not honor my ingress form, saying it was for security reasons. Also, the ingress form did not entitle me to free parking.

I came back on Monday, Jan. 15, to get some stuff from our venue and I was there for less than 15 minutes. The parking attendant insisted that I pay because their grace period for delivery is only apparently 10 minutes. She showed me a text message from her supervisor instructing her to make me pay.

This really enraged me because this company is overpricing and taking advantage of motorists who need to park in the Mango uptown area. The company, which is just renting the space from the owners of Mango Square compound, should be monitored properly and regulated.

Street parking in Cebu with parking aides taking the parking fee from you only charge P20. Ayala only charges P35. But Mango Square? P45? Really?

Every time I pass by the area there are fewer cars and fewer people not like it was before five years ago when the Mango uptown district was a crowded hotspot. How is it possible for a company like this to get away with charging car owners an obscene amount of P45 for four hours and P10 per hour after that?

This company is raking in thousands of pesos of profit a day. It’s shameful and utterly opportunistic. Somebody needs to call the company out and charge it for being greedy.


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