Tell it to SunStar: Facts do not cease to exist because they’re ignored

Tell it to SunStar: Facts do not cease to exist because they’re ignored
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By Chinese Consul General Zhang Zhen

In response to some opinions and comments about China recently released in the local media, I would like to share my views with readers briefly as follows:

Socialism with Chinese characteristics under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is the ultimate reason for China’s success. Chinese-style modernization abandons the old Western modernization path centered on capital, polarization, materialism, external expansion and plunder. Reflecting on its reality and history, and through experimentation, China has drawn wisdom from its own culture and learned from the strengths of other cultures.

China’s human development index (HDI) has increased from 0.499 in 1990 to 0.788 in 2022.

China is the only country in the world that has leapt from the group of low human development to the group of high human development since the index was first measured in 1990. The increase of China’s HDI is a result of the CPC practicing the people-centered development philosophy and putting the people at the core of the modernization endeavor. How do the Chinese people live and do they have freedom? Please go and visit China!

Comment and judgment on China’s leader should be based on facts. In the new era, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping at the core and with the hard work of the people, a total of 832 impoverished counties and close to 100 million poor rural residents have been lifted out of poverty. Among them, more than 9.6 million poverty-stricken people have been relocated from inhospitable areas, making significant contributions to the cause of global poverty reduction.

In 2013, President Xi Jinping propounded the idea of building a global community of shared future, and successively proposed the Global Development Initiative, the Global Security Initiative and the Global Civilization Initiative, which are being echoed by more and more countries.

If you are interested in having better knowledge about President Xi Jinping, you may read the book entitled “Xi Jinping: The Governance of China” and, or you may ask the Chinese and many other countries’ leaders!

China is against hegemonism and power politics in all their forms. China is a builder of world peace and a defender of the international order. It has advocated and practiced true multilateralism. China is the only country in the world that has “adhered to the path of peaceful development” enshrined in its constitution. It is a permanent member of the Security Council that dispatches the most peacekeepers. China has always advocated for the peaceful settlement of international disputes through consultation and dialogue. Under China’s mediation, Saudi Arabia and Iran have resumed diplomatic relations, leading the “wind of reconciliation” in the Middle East, and driving more countries to shake hands and make peace.

The allegation against China on the Ukraine crisis is completely against the facts. China’s position is open, transparent, fair and just. China is not a creator of, or a party to the Ukraine crisis. China is never a bystander and would never add fuel to the fire, much less exploit the crisis. We are committed to promoting talks for peace. China does not provide weapons to the parties to the conflict and strictly controls the export of dual-use articles, which is widely applauded by the international community.

Our normal trade with Russia is done aboveboard. It’s consistent with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules and market principles, and does not target any third party. There are statistics that show that over 60 percent of Russia’s imports of weapon components and dual-use articles come from the US and other Western countries. President Zelensky himself also mentioned this in his remarks.

The Taiwan question is at the core of China’s core interests and concerns the sentiments of the 1.4 billion Chinese people. Anyone who respects history and international law will not claim Taiwan as a country, neither make irresponsible remarks about “one country, two systems,” not even blatantly incite secession and support separatists. Taiwan has been a part of China since ancient times. This is a historical fact. It is also the international consensus. The 1943 Cairo Declaration and the 1945 Potsdam Proclamation also affirmed Taiwan’s status as China’s inalienable territory from a legal perspective. Maybe the maritime frictions between China and the Philippines make some people feel entitled to ignore the facts, confuse right and wrong, smear and slander China at will. We can get detailed facts from relevant White Papers on line: and

The causes of various wrong perceptions may include lack of knowledge, flood of misinformation, cognitive misunderstanding, or deep-rooted prejudice, etc. I wish Cebuanos could hear different voices for truth and facts.


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