Tell it to SunStar: Hannah’s death is not simply a loss

Tell it to SunStar
Tell it to SunStarSunStar file photo

By Leonel Quillo

The passing of Hannah Joy Cesista is often disregarded as senseless, failing to recognize the harsh realities that motivated this intellectual to advocate for the marginalized in the face of the current fascist regime. Revolution arises from dissatisfaction, as ruling authorities compromise public interest for their own desires, inevitably leading to rebellion.

Filipinos have grown so accustomed to corrupt politics that criticizing their incompetence immediately brands us as “brainwashed” by a “deceptive” ideology. Those who identify these corrupt practices are labeled enemies of the state, while those who violate people’s rights go unpunished, trampling on the hardworking masses without repercussion. By dismissing her death as manipulation, we allow government atrocities to continue, enabling those in power to absolve themselves of guilt. Shouldn’t we now consider the motivations behind the rebellion of so many of our people?

Hannah’s death is not simply a loss; it serves as a reminder of the widespread unrest we are currently experiencing. She is just one of the many who have made significant contributions to our country’s progress. If only progress were more attainable in today’s world.


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