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Tell it to SunStar.
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By Reni M. Valenzuela

China’s grabbing of the Scarborough Shoal or West Philippine Sea (WPS) and its intent to invade Taiwan resemble one thing about China -- covetousness.

The China Coast Guards and China maritime militias are becoming violent and brutal in view of the physical hurt and damage they caused to Philippine Coast Guards and their ship (via water canons) in the latest WPS incident of China’s aggression. Thus, it has become logical to conclude the following evolving facts and realities -- as per “bullying” developments:

1. Water cannons may now be considered weapons of war.

2. China is proving to be bent on robbing Philippine maritime territories (hook, line and sinker) by going as far as waging war with the Filipino people of whom 70 percent are more than willing to defend the country from foreign enemies (China in particular), based on the recent Octa Research poll.

3. Under such a persistent rabid situation, China could be seen as practically inviting and starting a war, not just against the Philippines, but against the world -- especially given the order of President Xi Jinping a few days ago for China’s military to “prepare for conflicts at sea” (for “economic” reasons). Ergo, it further validates my anatomizing of the situation.

What kind of human being (or animal) is willing to exchange human lives for mammon or oil? The cheapest and most miserable reason to exist on earth is the reason to live just for wealth and money (or oil).

No greedy, covetous, carnivorous, ungodly, insane nation will ever be willing and sincere to enter into fair, just and peaceful negotiations with any fellow country for equitable settlement of whatever dispute due to blindness to reason, laws, goodwill and humanness -- on account of greed and covetousness.

The same is China’s case with tiny, teeny, little Taiwan. Alas, in both cases -- the WPS and Taiwan crises -- China’s covetous and greedy heart is the problem, the root of the problem. The Chinese leader asserts, “China will surely be reunited with Taiwan.” No, sir, it has nothing to do with reunion because reunion is about love and peace, not war or killing or stealing.

All other “reasons” or alibis of China. vis-a-vis the WPS/South China Sea and Taiwan, pale in comparison. Henceforth, the world has no other option to confront the problems (for the sake of international peace and order, world justice, decency and dignity), but to STOP CHINA in its covetousness and greed, and madness.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or Asean is composed of small countries that are no match to giant, Goliath China. But, for goodness sake, these midget David countries have voices that they can lend to appease (if not stop) the brewing, escalating maritime crisis in the region by standing up to China and by making a prudent, bold, gutsy and unequivocal statement on the matter to subvert demons and avert a regional war which may possibly soon (or later) expand and involve the entire world.

Woeful, the Asean is not doing any of them. Hushed as a body, mysteriously. Useless association.

Dear China, it is easy to start a war, but it is not easy to stop it, even when you want to stop it, like in all wars of the past. Learn the Vladimir Putin lessons in his covetous war with the Ukrainians. Putin has been wanting to stop the war. The Putin lessons, however, will amount to nought and won’t mean a thing to benefit him and anyone -- unless Putin himself will stop the war by stopping the onslaughts and withdrawing the Russian troops from Ukraine -- and repent, and make amends -- after all the many thousands of deaths and property damages on both sides.

By the way, to the gods of Beijing: You surely wouldn’t want the artificial structures/islands you have built in our body of waters to be blasted and destroyed instantly, in the twinkling of an eye -- as soon as war (God forbid) breaks out.

Furthermore, would you kindly cease dragging (baselessly) into the conflict the US -- or only the US? The impending war will be between China (alone) and the Philippines plus the world.

And, note please, the world needs no “mutual defense treaty” with the Philippines or our government to be able to sympathize with and fight alongside the Filipino people -- versus itching, soulless robbers and invaders. In times of war, it is justice, righteousness, heroism and sanity that reign supreme -- over any treaty or law, more so, over war devils.

Who would ever want to be a friend to an unfriendly, selfish, avaricious, rapacious, inhuman creature -- or to be on the side of a bully, greedy, covetous, abusive, murderous, godless, crazy person -- or nation?

Save lives. Save the World. No guns and bombs. No water cannons and lasers. The solution to all of these is diplomatic negotiations -- truthful, equitable, sincere, sober, friendly, unselfish, altruistic, and magnanimous. No Constitution or Supreme Court is above it. Make the deal “win win” for all. In short, be humane. As simple as that, and easy.

Solve it.


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