Tell it to SunStar: Making it easy for the elderly

Tell it to SunStar
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By Joseph M. Baduel, Pundok Sugbuanon

We ask why is it when the City Government grants a benefit, it also makes it difficult for the beneficiaries to receive it.

A glaring example is the City Council of Cebu City. It passed City Ordinance 2655 granting additional monetary amounts, for which senior citizens are grateful, P5,000 upon reaching 80-89 years old and P15,000 upon reaching 90-99 years old and P80,000 at 100 years old.

But when the 80-year-olds went to City Hall to claim the additional P5,000, they were told that the senior citizen card issued by the City is NOT enough, they should present also original copies of their voter’s certificate, barangay residency and proof of 80 or 90 years old, NSO birth certificate or baptismal certificate.

If the senior citizen card issued by the City is good for the P1,000 monthly benefit, why is it not good for the additional benefit? Why make it extremely difficult for senior citizens?

Why require the 80-year-olds and above, most of whom have health concerns and difficulty in walking, to walk to the Comelec (Commission on Elections), their barangay, the NSO (Philippine Statistics Authority) and their church, for information already found in the senior citizen card issued by the City?

Most 80-year-olds were denied their P5,000 benefit. We asked Vice Mayor Raymond Garcia and Councilor Jun Alcover for help. Councilor Alcover promised to sponsor the amendatory ordinance, but until now, there is no good news. The city councilors who all profess to love their seniors should correct their heedless inadvertence. Time is not in their favor.

What use is the benefit when it is almost impossible to get it? Why make it difficult, or is it only for public image?


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