Tell it to SunStar: No to Angara

By Reni M. Valenzuela
Tell it to SunStar: No to Angara
SunStar Tell it

All the good things they are saying in the Senate about Sen. Sonny Angara even before he was appointed (recently) as the new secretary of education don’t nullify the fact that he is a politician.

As a matter of fact, the vouching of his fellow politicians for him is precisely and obviously one strong, good reason why Angara should have not been appointed as the new DepEd (Department of Education) head, along, of course, with the numerous protestations from schools officials, academe and different sectors of our society.

But BBM went ahead with the wrong choice anyhow -- as he apparently didn’t listen to the choice and voice of reason and to the clamor of the people. The President seems to have made the choosing process too expedient, quick and convenient for purposes best known only to him. Is something’s cooking up, sir?

The clamor is simple, valid, fair and easy: Appoint an apolitical qualified person as our new secretary of education, not a politician like the previously resigned DepEd chief, Vice President Sara. Lessons learned, or not learned. May the Filipino children, youth, educators and future of our country (not politics) be foremost in the heart and mind of our leaders -- in choosing and appointing a secretary of education. Walang barkadahan.

Dear BBM, I am seeing you as a better leader of our nation than your predecessors, honestly. But make it always clean, for Christ’s sake, Mr. President. You certainty would want to leave a great and noble legacy to our people and country. However, you can only do it in a way that is unattached to politics, illusions, personal ambitions, revisionism and politicking. No other way.

Truth stands and shall ever stand, though all the world would fall and crumble. Like in the West Philippine Sea crisis, there is no amount of propaganda for China and the Chinese to beautify lies, distortions, intrusions and barbarity.

Politics and education is the least blend/mixture any nation needs. “All the ways of a man are clean in his own sight, but the Lord weighs the motives.” - Proverbs 16:2

Straighten up, dear government.


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