Tell it to SunStar: Once upon a time (based on a true story)

Tell it to SunStar
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By Tommy Osmeña

Once upon a time there was a landed businessman who was so passionate about his city. He even donated land where Cebu Provincial Capitol now stands.

His involvement did not end there. When the mayorship was no longer appointive, the guy sought and became the first elected mayor. He also was the second, third, fourth and fifth directly elected mayor of Cebu City.

The man, Serging Osmeña was injured in a political bombing, left for the US and died in exile.

Many generations have passed and today the city is going through a milestone.

The biggest infrastructure project is being built. It is the first and largest mass transit system in Southern Philippines worth P20 billion. One bus stop being built is blocking a view of the Provincial Capitol. Now the project was ordered stopped. The entire Provincial Government, the governor, vice governor, Provincial Board members are opposing the project.

If Serging Osmeña did not donate the land, this issue would not occur. It’s now clear Serging’s donation was a mistake, but who would have foreseen what the Cebuanos have become under Garcia.


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