Tell it to SunStar: Peace talk to knock out the devil

Reni M. Valenzuela
Tell it to SunStar.
Tell it to SunStar.SunStar file photo

The devil knows for sure that communist insurgency in the country is about to end (finally) under the Marcos Jr. administration.

This is why Satan is uneasy and bothered, and will always be opposed to peace talk, much less at this juncture that the insurgency and insurgents have been greatly reduced in significance and relevance, and in number and might. Together with his human cohorts, the devil hates peace talk because peace talk is the way to solving and ending this decades-long problem, as well as the crookedness, underhandedness and shamelessness that go with it. Chicanery.

Every argument to the contrary is nothing but a cheap alibi (for a “reason”).

Satan is the chief reason why all the peace talks of past administrations did not prosper/succeed, himself being the devil, the wily, unseen, manipulative, ugly creature who was very much involved and deeply into the entire course of the failed peace negotiations.

Look, amid the hullabaloo of peace talk controversy, they are out again, talking like they are inside a time machine to be in the old world of the 1970s and 1980s. Comical. Their disputations and justifications are outdated and out of this world (for a “reason”). Back to planet earth!

Imagine, we are the only country in the world that still has a communist insurrection problem. How is that? Mysterious. Cryptic.

It is good and consoling that we now have a civilian official who heads the Department of Defense. Thus, may I suggest, in this connection: Let those who will constitute the peace panel on the side of the government, and who will engage in the discussions and rendering of judgments versus the wheeling and dealing of the rebel movement’s representatives -- be composed of all civilians who are wise, godly, open-minded, Christian-hearted, discerning, apolitical and neutral in perspective and character.

The military, for its part, would have to serve as advisors and consultants, no more, no less, because more than anything else, the matter needs minds that can and will understand fellow minds outside of their own mindsets. Since time immemorial, the military, with its military mindset, had massively influenced the whole process and outcome of the stalled peace talks, one after another. Henceforth, the result: repeated, miserable failures (for a “reason”).

It’s about time for a paradigm shift. Time for the government to truly end this so-called “communist armed conflict” sans any “task force.”

I am diametrically in disagreement with Vice President Sara Duterte’s stand on peace talk. No, madam, the present government getting into the negotiating table with the communist rebels is not “entering into a covenant with the devil.” Contrarily, it is a divine “punch,” a huge government knockout punch that would crush the devil -- or the devil of rebellion (and corruption) into total submission and utter defeat.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” -- James 4:7

Meanwhile, I likewise vehemently disagree with AFP Chief of Staff, Romeo Brawner Jr., when he said in a recent interview that the opinion of VP Sara (on peace talk) is “shared by so many of our countrymen, even soldiers.” No, sir, there must be something amiss in what you uttered. May I admonish, if you may, please talk like a good, honorable soldier of the country (being the highest-ranking officer in the military, next to BBM as the commander-in-chief). Respect, sir, to President Bongbong Marcos, and the entire government, elected and mandated by the people to rule the nation. Spoken in public (at that), your words are uncalled for.

Here’s the beef, and the light: The “so many” you are referring to may actually be just a handful of misguided, politicized people in and outside the military. The “news” (or fake news) could be just in your Viber group, and in the world of political intrigues and gossip or “Marites” (for a “reason”).

Be wary of voices that muddle the issue and aim only to advance certain people’s dubious, obvious political, personal, self-serving, diabolical agenda. Pray.


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