Tell it to SunStar: Perennial sidewalk obstructions

Tell it to SunStar
Tell it to SunStarSunStar file photo

By Mel B. Cortes

The “beautification” of the sidewalk fronting the Department of Health 7 office along Osmeña Blvd. all the way to the City Central School is almost finished. That means, for the most part, the whole stretch is passable and pedestrians won’t have to spill over the busy street and risk getting sideswiped by impatient drivers.

In the beginning, I wondered why workers were digging up the sidewalks. Back then, there were no signs or posters to inform the public what they were up to.

At first, I thought they were only installing a new drainage system. And I think they’re already done with that. But it took me a while to put two and two together.

The “beautification” of the sidewalks is a component of the ongoing implementation of the first package of the Cebu Bus Rapid Transit project, which covers the distance of 2.38 kilometers from the front of the Cebu South Bus Terminal on N. Bacalso Ave. all the way to the front of the Capitol building along Osmeña Blvd.

Indeed, the sidewalk looks nice, especially with the “yellow line” running in the middle of it. However, before this component can be completed entirely, there are already cracks showing.

I don’t mean literal “cracks,” although if you look closely, there might be some developing, especially on parts of the sidewalk which have been turned into impromptu parking spaces.

I thought authorities would disallow this illegal practice. I thought Cebu City’s Task Force Disiplina would apprehend or, at the very least, reprimand violators. I thought the City would take advantage of the situation and earn some extra cash by clamping these vehicles.

But I thought wrong.

Authorities should also look into establishments that have sequestered the sidewalk for their own use like that vulcanizing shop across the Visayas Community Medical Center.

I don’t mean to single it out, but motor oil has already stained some of the bricks the last time I passed by it.

It’s unfortunate authorities have not noticed any of these.


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