Tell it to SunStar: Prevent red-tagging, protect the rights of citizens

Tell it to SunStar
Tell it to SunStarSunStar file photo

By Rep. France Castro ACT Teachers Party-list

We laud the landmark Supreme Court decision that ruled red-tagging and guilty by association threaten a person’s right to life, liberty, or security.

We commend the Supreme Court for this courageous decision that protects the rights of activists, human rights defenders, and ordinary citizens from harassment, intimidation, and violence.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of former Bayan Muna lawmaker Siegfred Deduro is a significant victory against the vicious practice of red-tagging, which has led to the persecution and even killing of many activists and critics of the government.

This decision is a beacon of hope for those who have been vilified, harassed, and killed because of their political beliefs and activism. It affirms that labelling someone as “red” or a “terrorist” can have deadly consequences and must be stopped.

We urge the government to take immediate action to stop the red-tagging of individuals and organizations, and to hold accountable those responsible for the harm and violence inflicted on innocent people.

We call on the House of Representatives to take concrete steps to prevent red-tagging and protect the rights of citizens, by immediately hearing and passing House Bill 1152, as well as other measures that penalize red-tagging and other forms of harassment.

The struggle for human rights and justice is far from over, but this decision is a significant step forward. We will continue to fight for a society that values human life, dignity, and freedom.


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