Tell it to SunStar: Prioritize social services and anti-corruption measures, not Charter Change

Tell it to SunStar.
Tell it to SunStar.SunStar file photo

By Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo Caritas Philippines President

Any attempt to alter the Constitution, especially when shrouded in secrecy and lacking genuine public participation, raises serious concerns about its true motives. The country’s fundamental law is not a political football to be kicked around at the whims of those in power.

Charter change is not a silver bullet for the Philippines’ economic woes, particularly the pervasive issue of corruption. Poverty will always be a problem if corruption is allowed to fester within our government.

Instead of wasting time and resources on amending the Constitution, the government should prioritize measures to eradicate corruption and ensure the efficient and effective delivery of basic social services to our people.

Caritas Philippines echoes the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ (CBCP) consistent stance against charter change initiatives. The CBCP has always taught that: “If the Constitution is to be revised at all, the process should lead to a greater defense and promotion of the moral values of human dignity and human rights, integrity and truth, participation and solidarity, and the common good.” The current push fails to meet these crucial moral benchmarks.

We are reminding the government of its sacred duty to fulfill the promises of the 1986 Edsa Revolution.

The Filipino people deserve a government that prioritizes their needs and aspirations, not personal agendas.

Let’s focus on building a just and equitable society, not on rewriting the Constitution for personal gain.


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