Tell it to SunStar: The good politicians

By Renester P. Suralta
Tell it to SunStar: The good politicians
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It’s important to recognize that politicians hold public office and are either elected or appointed to represent the interests of the citizens. They may belong to a political party and have specific beliefs or ideologies.

Unfortunately, there are prevailing biases and misconceptions about politicians. It’s unjust to assume that all politicians are bad people and ineffective leaders. While there are instances of corruption and selfishness among politicians, it’s essential to remember that there are still dedicated individuals who genuinely aim to serve the people.

It’s common for people to prejudge politicians based on the faults of a few and assume that all politicians share the same negative traits. This kind of thinking can lead to a lack of trust in political leaders and can have detrimental effects on society.

Additionally, mainstream media can influence public opinion by exposing alleged corruption without substantial evidence, leading to a presumption of guilt before any formal proceedings take place.

Historically, the Filipino culture was known for its honesty and integrity. However, over time, these values seem to have diminished.

Today, many people hold certain assumptions about politicians, such as believing that all politicians are solely motivated by personal gain, are inherently corrupt, are all the same, are out of touch with ordinary people, and are unable to work across party lines. It’s crucial to recognize that not all politicians fit into these assumptions.

Many individuals enter public service with a genuine desire to make a positive impact on their communities. While there are certainly instances of corruption within political circles, it is unfair to assume that all politicians are corrupt. Each politician has unique perspectives and ideas, and many actively seek to engage with their communities and understand the issues that affect them.

It’s important to remember that politicians are not born and raised in a corrupt environment. They are humans with strengths and weaknesses and they are not immune to temptation or mistakes.

Rather than generalizing that all politicians are corrupt and immoral, it’s important to be selective and vigilant in choosing leaders and to judge them based on their actions rather than just their promises.

Good politicians are dedicated individuals with the best interests of the nation at heart. Instead of making sweeping generalizations, it’s essential to recognize that politicians are ordinary people with the added responsibility of leading and influencing others.


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