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Tell it to SunStar
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Something uniquely good and unprecedented is happening in the BBM administration, if we would discern. A case in point among others is burdening our people (notably the ordinary ones and small businesses) with more taxes seems to be last and least in the President’s mind to do.

The unseen phenomenon may manifest in the future in various other forms and which could lead ultimately to national salvation if BBM would remain human (frail, though, as he is) and God-fearing, and if he would be humble and open enough (hopefully) to listen fully to the voice of reason, the cries of the poor, the importuning of conscience, the call for justice, and to Solomonic wisdom.

I support the P100 or P70 wage increase proposal, but where are the promised benefits for our seniors, PWDs (persons with disability) and war veterans, much less the P1 million for our living centenarians? My mother celebrated her 101 years on the planet on Monday, Feb. 19, but what are our officials waiting for before they make their promise happen, while the centenarians breathe? They voted overwhelmingly for House Bill 7535, but after the voting, they fell asleep and are still sleeping one year hence.

Progress and development “para sa lahat” (inclusive) may not be far too distant to reach, with the advent/imperium of truth and righteousness shining brightly to bless the country, and bless every Filipino abundantly -- with “politics,” political ambitions and self-interests (burned and pulverized) at the back burner of every public servant office, and with corruption/imbecility beaten black and blue via the omniscience, omnipotence and incorruptibility of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Time to overhaul our rotten justice system and time for the shakeup of people in authority that handle “justice” matters in all the three branches of our democratic institution / government. Such a move is imperative and urgent. Retain the good ones, though, but never those who are afflicted with the worst form of anopia -- an extreme condition of blindness (and insensibility) due to the absence of eyes (and heart) -- because of politics, crookedness, “utang na loob” and influence-peddling.

If that happens, my dear countrymen, the result could be phenomenal which repercussions could cause us, the Filipino people, to rejoice and over which the future generations would exult in jubilation as they cherish the opus, and which rare, spectacular account they would love to keep on reading and recalling gladly and proudly as Filipinos, over and over again. History is unfolding.

But why do some pundits appear to have castigated some senators in their “unutterable” words when they recently rebuked fellow officials for doing things wrongly and/or for performing badly? What’s bad about calling a spade a spade? Passing a million bills on a single and final reading isn’t equal to accomplishment and is not something to be proud of.

Quality above quantity. Action above pledge. Service above self. People above party mates. Probity above partisanship or kinship. God above all.

Where were the complainers when the former president ranted at almost everybody (including God), when he openly cursed and spewed venomous words? Silent in dungeons. “Hyperbolic,” they said. Forthrightness, however, was what was admirable about Rodrigo Duterte. It set him apart from others in a positive way. He just overdid it and did it the wrong way, for the wrong reasons.

Look at what “civility” has done to our country? It continues to lead our leaders and people deeper into liturgy, apathy and inaction -- even amid sanctioned abuses, ruthlessness, shamelessness and crookedness? “Civility” with each other, among our officials, can be equated to numbness and callousness, even heartlessness a la Mafia conspiracy among its cabals.

Political “trapo.” How many do we have them in our Cha-cha dancing government -- sila na mga pangiti-ngiti, palakad-lakad at paikot-ikot lang sa kanilang upuan nang tila walang ibang iniisip kundi pulitika at pamumulitika lamang. But go ahead, sirs and madams, issuing a subpoena to the “Son of God” is in order.

As much as we want to be “civil” to everyone all the time and in all circumstances, we cannot and should not. With the destructiveness that are being wrought by official inanities, one administration after another, since time immemorial, what the nation needs is some truth-shaking -- a temblor with maximum magnitude so that justice and righteousness would rise in and rule over our land.

I am not encouraging bruteness, but for Christ’s sake, we need boldness and courage for us all to be awakened from slumber.

My mother has a sharp tongue for wrongdoers and I adore her for it. Happy birthday, Mom. I love you.


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