Tell it to SunStar: Treading feminism in the school setting

by Herman M. Lagon
Tell it to SunStar.
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There is a wide range of ideologies regarding feminism. Extremist feminism can be dangerous, in contrast to progressive feminism’s pursuit of women’s empowerment and equality. While wary of the threats radical ideologies offer, it is critical to grasp the relevance of progressive feminism, especially in education.

Extreme feminism can manifest in ways that affect male and female students’ educational experiences in the classroom. Striking a balance between meritocracy and gender equality in leadership positions and extracurricular activities is a significant challenge.

Extreme feminists may advocate for strict gender quotas, which may fail to consider merit-based selection criteria. On the other hand, if this system is based only on merit, it risks ignoring the systemic biases that prevent all students from having equal opportunities. Fostering a fair and supportive educational environment requires finding a harmonic balance that honors inclusivity and merit.

For example, in extracurricular activities like sports or clubs, some individuals hold extreme feminist views and advocate for gender parity, even if it means sacrificing aptitude and competence. Students may experience bias due to being treated differently because of their gender rather than their talents. Furthermore, radical ideologies may suppress various viewpoints and impede chances for collaborative learning by favoring one gender over the other in class discussions and group assignments. A more welcoming and stimulating learning environment can be achieved by adopting a moderate stance that respects contributions according to their worth and understanding.

Furthermore, radical feminist ideology may only care about attaining gender equity when it comes to tackling gender gaps in academic performance and accomplishment, ignoring individual talents in the process. This method can potentially diminish the achievements of worthy pupils who succeed because of their abilities and hard work. A progressive feminist stance would promote fairness and excellence in education, which would also call for equal opportunity and the recognition and reward of individual success.

It is critical to foster an atmosphere where men and women are encouraged to achieve success according to their strengths and efforts to traverse the intricacies of gender parity and representation in educational institutions. All students, regardless of gender, may succeed and realize their potential in an inclusive and welcoming academic environment that promotes mutual respect and equal opportunity.

Adopting progressive feminism’s ideals while being vigilant about radicalism can achieve a more just and inclusive society. It will also create a more inclusive, meritocratic, and supportive educational environment. Committing to these values in our classrooms and beyond can make a better world where people of all gender identities can realize their full potential.


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